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[MUST READ] Clickbank University Adam Horwitz

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Posted 17th December 2014 at 09:30 PM by humbledmarket

Clickbank University has been making its rounds on the internet marketing community; this is largely due to its affiliations with the infamous Clickbank brand.
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Unlike many other internet marketing guides trying to teach you how to make money online, this course immediately demands attention simply because it’s being pushed out by Clickbank. The course however is spearheaded by young internet millionaires/entrepreneurs Adam Horwitz and Justin (to be honest I wasn’t really a fan of Adam) though it is powered with the data and support of Clickbank.

In this blog post, we’re going to take an in-depth view into CB University. Can it really help you make money online? Is it another scheme? What do you get?

[B][U]What is Clickbank University?[/U][/B]
Clickbank University is self-proclaimed as the “college level education” on making money online. They are the only course that teaches you step by step how to build a sustainable, online business (effectively how to make money online) that’s backed by Clickbank.

[B]It’s a “University” Concept[/B]:
The point of difference that Adam emphasizes is: Universities and Colleges rake up large sunk costs (as much as $120,000) and yet does not necessary prepare you for changing social landscape – with Clickbank University upon commencement of the course, you are learning how to actually turn a profit and make money online (frequently immediately within the month). The validation is yet to be proven; I still find a large value in traditional education through life skills although one thing for certain is Clickbank has no lack of testimonials about everyday joes (standard day to day people) making large amount of money online consistently.

Clickbank University isn’t a “get rich overnight” scheme actually Adam Horwitz and the team have emphasized that they have INTENTIONALLY paced the course. This was emphasized during their three point principle

(1) [B]Walk before running[/B] – they’re not going to teach you how to make $5000 immediately. Rather you are encouraged to keep your current job and make the first $300 to $500 in a month and SCALE it up from there to what others have reported $20k/month+.

(2) [B]No more than one or two hours daily in the beginning[/B] - This I can relate to. It’s very easy to get excited at the start and then burn out without sufficient energy to follow through on the materials from the initial burst. Clickbank University is a course that seeks to pace out your progression to about one or two hours daily. This is good as it allows the information to be properly learnt (information over load or having too much to do that you are overwhelmed and do nothing is common problems many face today). This way you have an achievable target to be set for success!

(3) [B]Careful where you get advice[/B] – The Clickbank University course emphasizes not only the standard content though a private forum with direct assistance from Adam and Justin. The theory is that bad information can hurt as much as no information; getting your advice from the wrong people can impede progress. Hence you don’t want to be learning from those who are only sharing theory but have not done it.

Nicely played, Adam Horwitz and Dustin are both concerned “experts” in affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, and Clickbank product creation. In fact Adam was recently invited to the whitehouse for young entrepreneurship award. So the cool thing about CB Univeristy is the ability to rub shoulders with experts and millionaires who have done what you’re trying to do along with support from a close group of members. While you’re encouraged not to get other questionable courses you’re provided a suitable solution with learning from experts.

They also have a regular Q&A webinar sessions with Adam Horwitz which reminds me that this is very similar to the same concept Google Sniper 3 has taken with George Brown’s biweekly webinars.
Their goal to help inspire and create 1 MILLION Clickbank Entrepreneurs. The Clickbank University course is priced unbelievably low because they have an alternate objective to help 1 MILLION Clickbank entrepreneurs (volume of reach). I suppose this is Clickbank’s way of generating a bigger market in their space while helping others utilize their knowledge (already acquired) to make money online. Hence they have decided to keep the course under-valued pricing to make it reachable for a wider demographic.

[B][U]What you get in Clickbank University[/U][/B]:
Clickbank University course itself emphasizes on creating a business with digital product development. It is named as THE Clickbank training program helping individuals to make money by helping others with knowledge they already have through digital products.

[B]Clickbank University Course[/B] – The Clickbank University course (CBU) consists teaches you how to create your own digital products to generate income consistently online.

The delivery of the course is done in a members area which means you can access it from your iPad or your computer on the go. (which is fitting since one of the key focus was flexibility and freedom with time)

[U]Course Content[/U]
You’ll find video training and a combination of (1) Roadmaps (2) Proven paths and (3) Blueprints. This is ideal for anyone started out in internet marketing looking for a straight step-by-step solution they can follow. The video training are great for easier digestion and motivation; better than reading walls of text (maybe like this CBU review) although the week 1 videos are a bit short. As mentioned, Clickbank University has been intentionally paced which helps have the time to implement the technique learnted week by week rather than rushing early and burning out.

With Clickbank University you get a week by week instruction and action plan to implement a tested and proven method of making money online (As claimed by Adam Horwitz, Clickbank has the opportunity to learn from clients and customers to get a bird’s eye view of the internet marketing industry – this allows observation for what works consistently. The information being taught in CBU draws from this and focuses not on one off successes)

[U]Personal Guidance[/U]:
As you implement the Clickbank University course you are provided with a full time support team who can answer your questions. You’re also able to contact Adam and Justin directly through the CBU Forum (as detailed bellow). The support response time is typically fairly quick and helpful.

Adding to the course content, CBU also provides several optional tools helping you use what you have learnt. Namely, the highlights is the Clickbank site builder. (this is an upgrade) There are no complicated technical matters in the course.

[B]Affiliate Commission System[/B] – The CBU also provides you access to the “Affiliate Commission System” which is a recent addition completely free of charge with your CBU membership.

This section of CBU is ideal for those looking to “dip their toes in the water” and get started with making quick cash. Meaning, this is where you start with if you want to see whether this “make money online” thing can really work. It’s also somewhere I’d suggest you get started with to learn from others while building capital before building/selling your own product (and beginning an online business).

Affiliate Commission System allows you to effectively promote other people’s product for profit through Clickbank (nothing new). The techniques are varied with some that works very well and proven while others less effectively; there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary in terms of new information.

This however is excellent opportunity to make money off other’s hard work and to see what works and what doesn’t. You also don’t need to manage the customer service aspect or the sales page optimization. This is good for you to get started in a niche you’re interested in to learn and eventually start your own online business (with a head start).

[B]CBU Private Forum[/B] – The best for last I suppose. When undertaking any task, a supportive community cannot be understated so I find it a great idea that CBU has such a community integrated to the course (community and networking is one of the biggest benefit in a real university – the opportunities and atmosphere with the community)

CBU has a private forum where you can rub shoulders and get your questions answered from those who have done it successfully. You can also message your questions to Adam Horwitz and Dustin (although personally I’m skeptical about the response time – how many questions they might have). There is also an active Facebook group where I see community members posting very thought provoking questions that can benefit you.
Adam likes to push that the CBU community is a group of individuals who are collectively seeking to achieve a common goal and helping each other along the way. With the forum consists a mastermind group as well (which has tremendous value considering many internet marketers are looking for good mastermind groups)

[U][B]Who is Clickbank University for?[/B][/U]
[B]New Internet Marketers/Entrepreneurs[/B]: The Clickbank University course is ideal for new internet marketers looking for a step by step plan to internet marketing and making money online. The information won’t overwhelm you and is very actionable thanks to their well thought out blue prints and action plans. You also learn the basics to the advance information progressively.

[B]Make Money Online[/B]: CBU is ideal for the make money online niche. While they emphasize that CBU is not a get rich quick scheme and it will require work. The CBU course tries to teach and help you implement a tested and proven method to making money online providing the information, support, and tools necessary to do so. The CBU course is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to increase profits online

[B]Average Individuals (Part-Time Job)[/B]: It’s surprizing that Clickbank University seem to target their market towards those with minimal technical skills or internet marketing experience. They are looking to gather individuals who have experience in their own area of interest (whether you like golfing, fitness, health, self-help, wine tasting) to help you monetize your interest into a profitable asset/business.

The Clickbank University can help serve as a sideline to your full time job until such time that you can make a full time income from the progressively growing business. It’s an ideal solution for anyone inexperience with making money online.

[B]Product Development[/B]: Lastly, if you’re into product development of digital products Clickbank University has a thing or two for you especially with the “seminars/webinars” and the Q&A within the community. Clickbank University can serve to be validation for your product or to learn more about creating a successful digital product.

To summarize, CBU isn’t a push button software solution and it isn’t intended to be a get rich quick scheme. There may not necessary be anything “ground breaking” if you’ve been doing internet marketing for some time. Although CBU can be very useful if you’re looking for something that works to help you build a growing and sustainable income online – to build an online business. It is also ideal if you hope to find the right support, community, and action plans that can keep you accountable. The course overall seems more geared towards the less experience who are looking for something tested/proven to work.

[U]Note[/U]: It seems that Clickbank University may be Clickbank’s attempt at regaining market share in the digital products space. They are trying to reach and teach inexperience individuals how to turn their knowledge into a business using Clickbank hence there is an added incentive to provide top of the line support and quality information to ensure your success for their goals.
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    I've signed up and found the course to be excellent, especially for a newbie like myself
    Posted 19th December 2014 at 04:33 AM by Simon Molloy Simon Molloy is offline
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    Hi Simon! thanks for sharing your comment here! Glad to hear that the course was excellent for you; they have really taken a great effort to making it approachable in bite size portions and importantly conveying a proven technique that has worked for many so you can invest the time to learn something you know will be sustainable rather than the next shiny object!
    Posted 22nd December 2014 at 08:36 PM by humbledmarket humbledmarket is offline
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    Clickbank University is a comprehensive course for beginners although if you're looking for something done for you then you may wish to read our WP Dollar blog post. The WP Dollar 3.0 has been released today and we covered what it is and who it's for. Effectively, this is an [URL=""]Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin[/URL] that helps you create optimized and monetized amazon affiliate niche sites. How this helps you as a beginner is having something to work with that won't take much additional work to set up. It simplifies things and saves you the learning process by doing it for you. This can be a powerful resource when coupled with the right traffic. Message me if you need some help using WP Dollar 3 websites.
    Posted 19th March 2015 at 08:08 PM by humbledmarket humbledmarket is offline
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    You're an idiot spamming people in their PM box. You sent me like 10 PM's saying the exact same shit, from bogus accounts.

    I hope they shut your shit down.
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