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[UNCOVERED] Google Sniper 3 review

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Posted 21st December 2014 at 01:29 AM by humbledmarket

Hey Warriors,

Google Sniper 3 has been launched for sometime now so we're back to give an updated review of Google Sniper 3.
[[URL=""]Google Sniper 3.0[/URL] <- Bonus & What you need to know about Google Sniper]

[B][U]First off, What is Google Sniper?[/U][/B]
In short, Google Sniper is a course initially developed by George Brown when he was 18.

The course teaches you how George himself was making a full time income (if I remember correctly, it was close to 6 figure a year then) by building these "sniper sites" which are basically niche sites based off Exact Match Domains.

When the course first launched it was a MAJOR success because many people were sharing their success implementing the technique. It was simple and it worked! Though much has changed in internet marketing and search engines since then...accordingly there has been updates to the Google Sniper 3 course.

The Google Sniper 3 course still teaches the technique taught to build these sniper sites and rank them on Google. The benefit to this is you actually have (1) an asset (2) if done right, these sniper sites should bring you recurring income.

The [U]recent update[/U] highlights new videos, new content, and importantly the Bullet Proof module which teaches you how to make your website resistant in today's changing environment. This alone is quite a significant benefit to anyone getting the Google Sniper course - the bullet proof module is VERY lengthy.

I like as well that the course has been redone so you can access it fully online. George has clearly placed a lot of effort into improving the Google Sniper course. Previously I would recommend [URL=""] Bring the Fresh course[/URL] over GSniper althoough I think that has changed now with the 3.0 version.

Still, is the Google Sniper 3 course right for you? Keep reading as we share who this course is good for.

[B][U]Who is Google Sniper 3 for?[/U][/B]
[B]New Internet Marketers[/B] - The Google Sniper 3 course starts from the REAL basics. To be honest, the Google Sniper course will cater mostly to new internet marketers or individuals looking to make money online. It provides a platform for easy access to the basic information any newbie needs to get started.

[B]Biz Opt[/B] - If you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to set up an online business the Google Sniper course may be a good A-Z solution because you're building web assets that can hold value especially with revenue proof.

[B]Make Money Online (Part-Time)[/B] - If you're looking to make some extra income then the Google Sniper course might be a good for you. It's a simple technique that you can scale so you can spend 1-2 hours a day or you can spend 3-4 hours or a full 7 hours on the course as you wish. It's flexible and it's a technique which has been used by thousands and continues to be used today.

[U]Who is the Google Sniper 3 course NOT for?[/U]
[B]Experienced Internet Marketers[/B] - If you're already experienced with internet marketing, the Google Sniper 3 course may not be too suited for you. While the course is well produced, the information can also be learnt over time. The real value of this course is catering to less experienced individuals looking to skip some of the trial and error or waving through a bunch of inaccurate information for what they want.

[B]Previous Google Sniper Course members[/B] - Though George is a bit ambitious in selling the Google Sniper 3 course to be completely revolutionary update that even previous GSniper members will don't really need to get it again for the update. Yes, having had Google Sniper 2 I can stay the course has been significant updated though the concept is the same. If anything, the only thing you need to get is Sniper X. Alternatively, if you're interested in getting the value of these bi-weekly webinars then the Google Sniper course would be worth while for you.

[B][U]Conclusion - Google Sniper 3 Review[/U][/B]
Google Sniper 3 is a well developed course. George has placed a lot of effort and provided LOADS of content, more so what what you might find elsewhere.

It's all readily available on the online platform and easily accessible whether you're wishing to learn on your computer or tablet.

I highly recommend the Google Sniper course if you're new to internet marketing and looking for a quality course you can learn the basics and advance techniques to implement a proven technique.

The course however may not be as suited if you're already familiar with niche site development and experienced in internet marketing. Indeed, the Sniper X section with video instructionals is very worth while though a lot of the course may be redundant to you.

So in our Google Sniper review, I would give 9/10 for someone new to internet marketing or still looking for a proven way to make money online (the benefit you get from learning from George who has already done it himself will save you a lot of time and wasted investment that you might otherwise have spent). Although for someone experienced we would provide a 7/10 rating for the course.

If you have any feedback or your own review of Google Sniper please share them in the comment section bellow.
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