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[UNCOVERED] Crowd Search Me reviewed

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Posted 3rd January 2015 at 05:15 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 5th January 2015 at 05:31 PM by humbledmarket (grammar edits)

Some of you may have already heard about the “Crowd Search” service. This tool has been designed to improve your website’s search engine ranks. It is designed by Dan Anton as he came to find the power of improving your website dwell time.
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In this blog post we’re going to look at questions such as (1) does CrowdSearch REALLY work? (2) Will do it as it says?

There is more to SEO than offsite promotions. You need to consider your onsite optimization (which is important as the foundation of your sites’ SEO) and you need to consider metrics like dwell time (to make your SEO easier and remain on the first page – I experienced this first hand as we’ll mention).

It’s like choosing to enjoy a cycle down a breezy slope or trying to sweat uphill; this is where Crowd Search comes in. It can be hard to achieve good dwell time when the term is so obscure. It takes a lot of time and effort. Crowd Search helps solve this with an algorithm and real website visitors. The goal is to improve your website’s search engine placement.

[B][U]What is Crowd Search?[/U][/B]
Crowd search is a SEO tool in short. It is designed to automatically bring your website up on the search engines by emphasizing on improving your dwell time. Dwell time has been proven factor in search engine rankings. (Dwell time in SEO involves both bounce rate and average visitor time).

The software automatically helps you improve your dwell time through its large database of real website visitors from US, UK, and Canada coupled with a tested algorithm.

[B]Does it work?[/B]
Yes it does. Take a look at the numerous case studies that have noted improvements in search engine ranks; it’s scalable too. Meaning even if you’re on position #55 you can use it all the way to the first page. Personally however I would recommend that Crowd Search is best implemented with a complete website promotion and backlink strategy; it is ideal for websites that are already on the 1st or 2nd page.

Yet the algorithm is designed so you can use it on any site whether you’re #5 or #55.

[B][U]How does work?[/U][/B]
[B]Crowdsearch Algorithm[/B]:
Crowd Search uses an algorithm to determine the amount of clicks and the average user length that should be used depending on your site’s keyword and position. It’s critical component that makes it so effective.

Basically if your website was bellow the 3rd page it wouldn’t be too likely to get a lot of clicks and searches and it does exactly that (minimal clicks and searches) although once you’re on the 2nd page you need more clicks and searches. So with Crowd Search algorithm you can use it on your website when it’s on position #98 and keep it running without adjustments. It keeps it hassle free and effective.

[B]Network of REAL Users[/B]:
More importantly, Crowd Search uses a network of 200k users who come from US, UK, and Canada. These are people who are being paid for their time while the Crowd search tool helps search your keyword website online using their computer. This means you get a whole variety of real IPs and different browsers.

[B]Niche Relevant[/B]:
Crowd Search is really useful as it can use niche related traffic too; this may be a powerful feature as you know contextual links relevancy is important, in due time Google may make this reflected in dwell time. This shows Dan Anton is trying to stay ahead and improve Crowd search for his clients. Actually, as Dan mentioned, he is limiting the number of crowd search accounts to focus on delivering better support and results for you!

[B][U]Crowd Search review[/U][/B]:
A while back, I had a website that was ranking on the first page (Around position #4). It was a very profitable term for a fitness product. Unfortunately, the product changed and so users started bouncing our site in excess of 75%...immediately after our ranks tanked to the 2nd page.

I quickly updated our content to make it relevant and as our bounce rate decreased our ranks increased as well. I learnt first hand that bounce rate is a critical component to keeping your search engine ranks and improving your ranks. This is one way Google can gauge the quality of your content for users.

Crowd Search traffic software is ideal because it has a very low bounce rate which as I've learnt can help with your search engine rankings. Importantly, many case studies have shown practical and tested results! We’ll be doing our own case study shortly.

In review, Crowd Search is an automated tool to help you rank your website. It incorporates
(1) [U]automated operation[/U] – an algorithm automatically adjust the traffic & time on site for optimal results
(2) [U]results [/U]– proven and tested results for many websites already
(3) [U]simplicity [/U]– easy to use by adding your keyword and URL.

For these reasons, we would recommend CrowdSearch to anyone interested in ramping up your search engine optimization campaign and get results.

[CENTER][U][URL=""]Click here to learn more about CrowdSearch and get a Crowd Search special offer[/URL][/U].[/CENTER]

Thanks for reading our Crowd Search review.
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