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[UNCOVERED] Easy Video Sales Letter (EasyVSL)

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Posted 10th January 2015 at 07:00 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 15th May 2015 at 10:57 PM by humbledmarket

EASYVSL, a new drag-and-drop software tool released by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen helps marketers create video sales letter with less hassle.

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The new Easy Video Sales Letter is coming January 13, 2015 designed to bring drag-and-drop editing to make another segment of internet marketing easier and accessible. Video Sales Letters have largely been used by internet marketers on highly successful products; while they are effective, it can be very time consuming and complicated to create these VSL.

Mark Thompson have taken to tasks how to solve this concern and similar to what Explaindio or VideoMakerFX does for video creation, Mark has hoped that Easy VSL will be for video sales letter. Ideally, this new tool should make these typically higher converting video sales letter accessible for anyone seriously desiring to bring up their product conversion rate.

Personally, I see this as a powerful tool with huge opportunity if used correctly, on the same hand it’s simple enough in functionality to be easily used. I had wish there was more integrated features however.

[B][U]What is Easy Video Sales Letter?[/U][/B]
Easy Video Sales Letter is designed to help you create video sales letter from text slides. It seems to be a useful tool for making your standard sales copy into an engaging text video sales letter. The biggest benefit that Easy VSL would provide is likely time savings from easy audio integration with your text slides.

It’s simple to use and allows you to create your text VSL in a matter of minutes once you have your script although in all honestly I was a bit underwhelmed by some features that may have been perked a bit. We’ll cover that further in “How Does EasyVSL work?”

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Easy Video Sales Letter is designed to make creating video sales letter less technical and quicker. It removes the traditional hassle of creating video sales letter with the matching of audio files to images. Easy VSL does an excellent job with their audio sync tool which is in itself worth the investment IMHO.

[B][U]How does EASYVSL work?[/U][/B]
(1) [B]Sales page script[/B] - Write your sales page script or paste your script into the EasyVSL editor

(2) [B]Set the slides break[/B] – Decide which line you want to break the slides. Easy VSL will nicely create each slide as indicated and center your font for an engaging draw to the sales message. I like that EasyVSL is able to create these slides automatically and professionally presented with individual slides yet properly placed and aligned for a powerful message.

(3) [B]Match your audio files[/B] – Simply update your audio file and select when the slides should flip for the new audio file. This is the real power feature of Easy Video Sales Letter and makes it much easier to make video sales letter now.

Within these three easy steps you can have your own video sales letter. There are other features that are available such as slide effects and drag and drop editing of slide text.

[B][U]Who is EASY VSL for?[/U][/B]
[B]Affiliates[/B] – Easy VSL would seem ideal for affiliate marketers looking for an easy way to create affiliate review videos for products they wish to promote. Engage your audience better with a simple but powerfully worded video sales letter to pre-sell your audience to the sales page. This can be a very useful tool for affiliate marketers who are shy to get on the camera. Another benefit with the text video sales letter that EASYVSL can make is the attention towards the message (while still engaging the audience to read something).

[B]Digital Product[/B] – People who own digital products such as WSO creators or other digital product owners would find that Easy VSL is a simple and cost effective solution to making sales letter. Video sales letter works well when used correctly although they can be hard to create due to technical difficulities that are hopefully solved with Easy Video Sales Letter. A video sales letter is better than text because you keep the user engage on a spot of the page rather than requiring them to scroll down your text. You ensure they also do not skip the story you wish to share (let’s face it in a blob of text, many of us skim through it and simply check the pricing. Now with a video sales letter, they are more compelled to hear the story and let you justify why your product is worth their investment). I think this is in part why video converts so well, another part is people are lazy (sometimes) and prefer people read to them than taking the energy of reading through the sales page themselves. They now stay more focus on the message you wish to convey.

[B]Email Marketers[/B] – Finally, Easy VSL can also help internet marketers looking to build an email list. Use Easy VSL to turn your boring lead page into a captivating video lead page. This can stick you above the rest of the competition and possibly boost your conversion rate (though I have not tried myself, so require some case study). Yet, I would expect the same principles that apply to why VSL is so effective for product sales would apply to email marketing in an equally effective manner. With the growing competition, Easy Video Sales Letter gives you an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd and wow your audience to show them that you’re different without the expensive cost of creating a video sales letter the typical way.

This concludes our brief Warrior forum blog post on Easy Video Sales Letter. Please leave any comments or questions you may have about Easy VSL in the comment section. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check our other blog post for some bonus and discounts.

[B]Update (February 9, 2015)[/B]: Another option for Video Sales Letter is [URL=""]DynamicVSL[/URL] which is created by sales page expert Rob Jones. It's worth checking out if you want an interactive approach to sales page.
[B]Update (May 7, 2015)[/B]: If you're interested in hosting your videos with a call to action then [URL=""]Intelliplayer [/URL]might be a good complement to Easy VSL. Read our recent blog post to learn how Intelliplayer by Bill Gurthie can help you sell more with videos. Must have if you're using EasyVSL.
[B]Update (May 15, 2015)[/B]: Read the latest press release of [URL=""]Video Maker FX[/URL] and learn more about how people are saving money by making their own VSL for EVSL.
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