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[UNCOVERED] Video Sales machine

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Posted 7th February 2015 at 12:57 PM by humbledmarket

Matt Bush is back with Video Sales Machine! The new done-for-you video production packaged was released on February 6, 2015. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some things you need to know about VSM before you get it.

[[B][URL=""]Video Sales Machine[/URL][/B] – Click here to learn how to use VSM and VideoSalesMachine Bonus]

Many of you may already know Matt who has been infamous for his series of “Local Whiteboard Video Producer” PLR videos that help you make profit re-selling his professionally scripted videos direct to small business owners.

This savvy marketer seems to always be thinking of ways that he can help people sell videos easily for profit with minimal effort (by building a SYSTEM).
I’d say that VSM is a notch ahead Local Whiteboard Video Producer; probably Matt’s best work yet so if you like LWVP then you’ll like Video Sales Machine. (in fact they go hand in hand)

[B][U]What is Video Sales Machine?[/U][/B]
VSM is a done for you video production business package. It removes the “How to start a video production business” by helping you set up everything you need to do one.

(1) You have a professionally designed, captivating site complete with (2) five videos to engage business owners added to it’s (3) own email marketing funnel to warm up the leads for the sales with VSM and even (4) a comprehensive training program so you can get started on the right foot easily and learn from experts who have done it.

Effectively, it’s another of Matt’s attempt to help make the profitability of video sales accessible to any internet marketer interested in making part time or full time income (should you pursue further) with it.

Matt draws from his 5.5 years of internet marketing experience to put the package together; he has been doing a lot of offline consulting and knows what small business owners want. So he is able to use his experience for your benefit by creating a package site that appeal to business owners prospects.

VSM is intended to be a 24/7 “virtual sales assistant” to help you turn leads into sales. Effectively, it seems to be an [U]automated [/U]funnel which is huge value for anyone looking to sell videos online! (to make a profit)

[B]Who is Matt Bush?[/B]
As mentioned, Matt is the genius behind Local Whiteboard Video Producer. LWVP is the production that has helped many offline consultants get a foot in the door of small business owners (giving away free whiteboard video commercials as some have noted in their review) or make a simple part-time income by selling these whiteboard commercials with another video commercial simplifying the process for YOU.

Matt has a consistent trait to help people sell videos easier. Video Sales Machine is one of his most comprehensive work so far and miles ahead of LWVP. It combines his expertise with copy-writing, video creation, and offline consulting into one package for your benefit.

Now you don’t need to wonder how to start a video production business because you have one already set up for you should you choose.

[B][U]How does Video Sales Machine work?[/U][/B]
[B](1) Set up your professional business website[/B]: First, you can get right to the races with a completely configured website on WordPress. All ready with the fixings (security plug in, videos, images, ad copy, even an auto responder)

As you may know with many WordPress templates, you require a lot of set-up work which can take days or weeks. Thankfully, VideoSalesMachine has an installation file that sets up your website the way you see it with a skillfully written sales copy and videos integrated. It also boosts security with the plugins you require and makes it functional as an auto responder and lead capture for your follow-up series.

This is an important step in setting up your own video production business. Your website can either provide a good first impression to prospective customers or push them away. This is why having a highly calculated website like VSM is critical to the success of your video production business.

If you're wondering how to start a video production business then VSM can help you with a large portion of it. You take the guess work out and use other's experience legally.

[B](2) Send follow-ups automatically to interested prospects[/B]: As you may notice in the sample above, the Video Sales Machine website has a lead capture form. We all know that leads are very profitable when managed well though writing follow-up emails can be difficult if you don't have the time or prior experience (there's a learning curve as with anything though you don't have time for it if you want results).

With VSM, Matt has already created several follow up email intended to do the work for you with your interested prospects. It sells them the value of video for their business without you having to manually do the work and it integrates the use of videos and in doing so further validating the value of videos!

[B](3) Collecting the Sale[/B]: Once your prospective customer has gone through the funnel with VideoSalesMachine automatically, it makes very simple for you to close the sale. Consider selling a video for $197 and then creating it with only $30? (or free)
That's a 700% ROI. Rinse and repeat with the "virtual sales assistant" from VSM helping you warm the leads.

[B](4) Up Selling for monthly revenue[/B]: Once you've gotten the client and delivered the video then I suggest you upsell your client on SEO and consulting services for a monthly fee. This can mean that not only do you get a nice one-time revenue with VSM (one of Matt's student made $6000 part time in a few months) although you can establish a digital advertising business that has value and monthly income.
If you're inexperience, choose to outsource the SEO work; you can still make a good margin with a little effort.

[B](5) Go through the bonus training included[/B]: If this sounds foreign to you but you want to make money with videos (because 1. it's currently on a growing need 2. small business owners understand the value of videos especially with Youtube popularity 3. starting a video production company can be an asset and can be good revenue with minimal work using VSM. ) although you're unfamiliar with how to start a video production company then VideoSalesMachine has wisely also included a comprehensive training model.

You get to glean from Matt's extensive experience with video sales marketing and offline consulting. This is invaluable in itself but is included in part of VSM. I think this is an excellent service to Video Sales Machine users and very excited about it!

[B][U]Who is Video Sales Machine for?[/U][/B]: So now who may be benefit from VSM. Firstly, if you're looking to make money online then VSM might be a viable choice to do so while building a business you can sell for profit later.

[B]Explaindio/VideoMaker FX owners[/B]: If you already have a copy of Explaindio or VideoMakerFX then Video Sales Machine can help make the most out of your video making software. Turn the tools into more profits with time.
You can sell these video production services to small businesses who would be able to pay a sizable fee. Imagine if you were able to sell each video for only $300 (conservative estimate as I've seen typical whiteboard videos about $300+/minute) and then create the video in Explaindio/VideoMakerFX within an hour.
That would leave a lot of room for profit. Although the problem with this model is selling to the business owner in the first place can be very tedious and time consuming. Now VSM allows you to send your leads through the funnel to make your leads warm for the sale. This means you will save a lot of time with the prospect of making significant profits – also the individual video sales of $300 would simply be the start.
Consider doing a good job and upselling them on monthly SEO and digital marketing business consulting which can bring in significant monthly revenue. For example Matt has a $3000/month client and one of his students has a $2000/month client.

Since the Video Sales Machine package also includes a tutorial & instructions, you get to learn from an expert who has already done it.

[B]Video Sales Production[/B]: If you’re already familiar with video production (whether you do video production for business or as a hobby) you can turn your experience into a cash cow with VSM.
Video Sales Machine takes the guess work out of the equation for selling to businesses. This way you can drive business owners to your “virtual sales assistant” and then service those customers for a large fee.
Video Sales Machine allows you to start your own video production business without the expertise of selling to business owners or internet marketing for that matter - meaning even if you're shy (understandably many don't like cold-calling business owners like me previously) this can work for you.
I think VideoSalesMachine would be an excellent resource for anyone with video sales production experience and interested in how they can start their own video production company. Don't forget you can sell the business later for profit as well (imagine a one time $10,000 income? when you wish to exit).

[B]Part Time Income[/B]: In being realistic, I don’t think you would be able to generate a massive income alone with video production if you weren't technically inclined to creating videos. You could get a very good income for a very minimal time with VSM meaning good return of investment.
Since Video Sales Machine helps you warm your leads and turn them into clients over time, you can save a lot of the hassle and time with acquiring the customer. If you're unfamiliar with video creation, use Explaindio or outsource the video production.
If you’re looking for a part-time income source then VideoSalesMachine might be an excellent option to consider. Another interesting idea is to sell off the video production business after generating some revenue (maybe to someone with experience in video production) so you can get double for your buck!

Thanks for reading our VideoSalesMachine blog. Please leave your comments bellow if you have any questions or feedback! It'd be nice to near your own Video Sales Machine review as well.
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