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[UNCOVERED] YouZign - Online Graphic Design Tool

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Posted 20th February 2015 at 04:23 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 24th February 2015 at 01:09 AM by humbledmarket

Hi Warriors,

As many of you know Youzign is the new online graphic design tool released by YMB Properties which is spearheaded by the infamous graphics expert Martin Crumlish.
[[B][URL=""]Youzign[/URL] [/B]– Click here for our Youzign bonus & review]

Martin has years of experience in creating user-friendly graphic design software that make professional graphics from flyers to business card accessible and affordable. YMB properties are no strangers to graphic design - these are the guys that have helped many small business owners and offline consultants with their graphic design needs. They seem to specialize in making graphic design tools that simplify the job with drag and drop editors and still flexible enough to meet the need. That was quite a tangent.

Anyways the new graphic design tool they are releasing is claimed to be their BEST work yet where graphic design tools go and it's an online tool. Since it's launched on February 18, 2015 (10 AM EST) it has been snapped up like lemonade on a hot day. I would guess they are going to raise their prices very soon (supply/demand, like how you would want to price your product or offer sufficiently so that not everyone reading gets it because then you're setting it too low) or maybe even pause their opening (sometimes product/service providers want to limit the # of copies they allow out for quality control)

The large following should asks the question, is Youzign really worth all the hype? In this blog post we hope to find out more about Youzign and what it does, how it works, and who this graphic design tool might benefit best. How good is this tool really? Is it worth the attention.

[B][U]What is YouZign?[/U][/B]
YouZign is an ONLINE graphic designing tool intended to be a simplified version of a photosho substitute. It actually does a lot of the fancy stuff such as background removal and cropping.
Youzign is intended for creating

(1) [U]Headers and Banners[/U] – Youzign can be used to create attractive headers for your WordPress site. This would be EXCELLENT for niche website developers; I remember trying to find unique headers for our niche site (having a unique header adds to your website’s perception online rather than a simple cookie cutter template). I use to pay $5/header on Fiverr so to be able to create professional headers with Youzign would have been a large cost savings.
(2) [U]Flyer and Business cards[/U] – Create your own unique business card that represents you creatively. Alternatively offer business card or flyer designing service. This feature with Youzign is excellent for small business owners wanting a complete suite or if you’re hoping to make money online selling simple flyer or business card designing services.
(3) [U]eBook covers[/U] – Ever wanted to spice up your eBook? Having a good eBook cover can set your guide apart.
(4) [U]Video Graphics[/U] – Some people are using Youzign to create video graphics. Basically you can use these pictures to create attention grabbing slide videos or supplement your graphic options on video creators like Explaindio or VideoMakerFX.
(5) [U]Twitter Covers[/U] – Youzign allows you to create twitter covers for sale on Fiverr or your own profile
(6) [U]Facebook covers[/U] – likewise with Facebook
(7) [U]Youtube headers[/U] – This will be a nice touch if you’re hoping to maintain a few Youtube accounts for your website/business.
(8) [U]InfoGraphics![/U] – This is what gets me most excited about Youzign is the ability to create SEO links, publicity, and traffic with infographics.
(9) [U]Photoshop alternative[/U] – it’s worth repeating the flexibility of Youzign and the ability to work on a blank canvas so being able to create just about any other graphics you need.

Martin seem to have designed the tool for both simplicity and flexibility meaning you can choose to work from a large set of templates ready for aesthetic designs from flyers to business cards or you can work on a blank canvas and use the tools + royalty free images to create your own unique design.

[B][U]How does Youzign work?[/U][/B] Youzign is designed to make graphics creation easy for you. You have access to pre-created templates, drag and drop editor, as well as thousands of royalty free images at your usage.

Here's a brief highlight at how Youzign works as an online graphics design tool:
1) [B]Choose your template [/B]– First Youzign allows you to create a wide array of offline and online graphics which includes (1) Flyers (2) Twitter cover (3) business card (4) Facebook covers (5) Facebook pictures – those viral images? (6) Loyalty cards (7) Infographics – yes infographics!
To make it approachable, you can select from a large away of predefined template sets as outlined above. These use to be sold as individual product at a double digit price point alone.

2) [B]Choose your desired template[/B] – Now that you’ve selected the section you’ll be working in you can browse through a large variety of options for business cards (take that as an example) and find what will suite best your visualized outcome better to work from there.

3) [B]Edit your Design[/B] – You can work off it as is or you can choose to edit the template design with your own images, text, and cropping. This is similar to how tools like VideoMaker FX or Explaindio work with a simple drag-and-drop editor. It’s design to make editing easy. You can do many functions you find on photoshop (such as background removal) with this easy to use online graphic design tool.

That sums up how Youzign work. It’s designed for simplicity and flexibility. If you’re adventurous and have a little more expertise you can also choose to work on a blank canvas and design your graphics from scratch. Working with a template however pose significant benefits allowing you to create your design quickly and still make it look professional; having a checkpoint to work from with Youzign.

[B][U]Who is Youzign for?[/U][/B]
[B]Small business owners[/B] – Small business owners will greatly benefit from this online graphic design tool. In fact it could even save the thousands. Youzign makes graphic designs easy and affordable. It allows you to create professional and aesthetically good designs without the technical expertise with a simple drag and drop editor. You can see the outcome in real time and what you need is a taste for what works with your business.

[B]Affiliate marketers[/B] – Affiliate marketers understand the importance of good graphics in their ads or their social media promotions/campaigns. Youzign can provide you with the graphics you need with the whole list of royalty free images for your usage. It’s convenient and cost efficient solution for you as an affiliate marketer.

[B]Offline consultants[/B] – Offline consultants will find Youzign to be a comprehensive tool kit they NEED for their clients. It provides you with all the basic graphic designs your client might want all as an online platform for convenience and easy accessibility. This can provide you with a significant source of revenue and the overall value package to your client will position you above your competitors.

[B]Make money online[/B] – If you’re looking to make money online; you can deliver real value with Youzign as an online graphic design tool. Use the tool to create simple graphics that are high in demand for quick sales on sites like or maybe choose to offer your services for infographics on forums like the Warrior Forum. Many marketers find value in infographics for their search engine and traffic value which you can create with minimal hassle using Youzign.

[B]Graphic designer/Entrepreneur [/B]– If you’re hoping to start a graphic design company then Youzign may be an ideal opportunity to make professional designs for twitter covers, facebook covers, flyers, business cards, even infographics quickly and effectively. This may be excellent opportunity to use Youzign for offering foot-in-the-door services such as a discounted social media graphics package consisting of professional twitter covers, facebook covers, and youtube covers which you can quickly put together with Youzign. You can then consider to provide other services such as flyer design or infographic as an upsell. This could be a highly successful venture if you’re looking to set up a business online with an online graphic design tool. Maybe even flip the business once it’s established and consistent revenue.

[B][U]More information on Youzign[/U][/B]:
What else do you need to know about Youzign? Let's find out in the remainder of this blog post.
Here's a little more information about Martin Crumlish:

Here's a few things people are saying about Youzign:
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