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[UNCOVERED] High Income Society by Adeel

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Posted 8th March 2015 at 01:37 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 11th March 2015 at 01:23 AM by humbledmarket

Adeel and his team at High Income Society have finally released their training program to the public on March 3, 2015. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at High Income Society and find out who might benefit from the training. Get to know how the content is delivered and what’s inside it.
[[B][U][URL=""]Income Society[/URL][/U][/B] - Click for more information on Income Society + Bonus]

If you’re hoping to read more about High Income Society, be sure to check our Warrior Forum thread as well on Adeel’s course. This is where you can add to the discussion and share your own experiences/opinions or questions – which is highly encouraged. Thanks in advance for reading our blog post.

[B][U]What is High Income Society?[/U][/B]
High Income Society is a comprehensive training program designed to mimic having an internet marketing coach to help you build an income online. The internet marketing training program does this through 24 modules complete with built-in assessments and insider tips to get you on your way to making money online while mastering the basics to advance information of internet marketing. The modules in HighIncomeSociety effectively teaches you how to do affiliate marketing.

To save you the hassle, I’m going to go ahead and highlight each of the 24 modules here.

(1) [B]Internet Marketing intro[/B] – Like any good internet marketing coaching program you have to start with the ground work. Here’s where you learn concepts and explore techniques/strategies used to creating an online business. (This isn’t those get rich quick scheme though it will teach you skills that are transferrable meaning they are an asset you can use with many other future jobs AND they will share with you proven techniques/formulas/blueprints/approaches/applications or whatever you call it to help you build an online income that’s more sustainable than not.)
(2) [B]Niche research[/B] – This High Income Society module teaches tried and tested approaches to finding profitable niches the same way many top affiliates do. Choosing good niches will make your work a lot easier – paddle uphill or downhill, your choice! As with many things in life, you put in a little initial planning and it pays dividends in the longer run.
(3) [B]Target Market[/B] – This may be a little bit redundant. It emphasizes more on concept and theory. Having taken a few marketing courses in university, I have been taught the importance of segmentation and identifying your target market. STP (segmentation, target, placement?) You cannot over emphasize the importance of segmentation and targeting. This allows you to engage your audience better; it’s like trying to catch everything or being focus on picking those you know are achievable and your best prospects.
(4) [B]Product Selection[/B] – A blueprint to finding products that are worth promoting as an affiliate. Picking the wrong product can waste your time and efforts while the right product can bring good returns. Generally, a simple rule is checking first if the product delivers value to the users, if it doesn’t there’s no point proceeding any further. (Here are some personal checks I use – Is it useless theory/stories only? Will it help the target market? Comparatively, how good is this solution?) Then once you’ve identified a product does deliver real value and help others, then you should consider whether the product is well presented to the user to convert. (you can have a great product just like how you can have a great idea or solution but if you cannot effectively communicate and position yourself to the target market then it wouldn't help you.)
(5) [B]Web Hosting[/B] – In my opinion, web hosting is the easiest aspect of making money online. Why? Because there is SO much competition (competition is good) that the industry has advance significantly in support, innovation, and accessible knowledge that ANYONE – yes even the non-techy business owner can get their website online. (being search engine friendly is a different question – being appealing to your customer is easier today with the large amount of WYSIWYG design tools available). Still, Adeel Chowdry of High Income Society walks you through setting up your web host and other technical decisions to make. This may not be necessary but a nice addition and attention to detail proving the completeness of the course as an internet marketing coaching alternative.
(6) WordPress (7) WordPress theme
(8) [B]Content Creation[/B] – This is where you should really focus your efforts. Content creation is a key importance for any marketing online or offline. I like that Adeel has set a module to “coach” how to write content with internet marketing orientation. This is an area I remembered being unsure about when starting out in internet marketing. Content for the web is very different than content in a business setting or in an academic orientation – this module can help you get an idea of how to effectively pre-sell online through content creation.

My APOLOGIES, I realize this is starting to get ridiculously long. I wanted to provide a simple summary though it was tempting to add some my own opinion to the course modules description. Yet, if we’re going to get through this blog post together, I have to keep things brief. So you don’t leave this blog post (cause you’ll be missing out ;) ), I’m going to hammer through the remaining modules so you get the bigger picture.

After Module 9 is where things really start to pick up. If I were to re-write this High Income Society blog review again, it may have been better to set my focus on these module 9-24 haha.

I think the information above is good though and if you have any questions about 9-24 that I’ll be plowing through, you may send me a PM or post on the thread discussion (coming up soon).

(10) [B]Affiliate recruitment[/B] – basically how to set up affiliates to promote your product so you can generate revenue without the promotional work
(11) [B]Google Analytics[/B] – meh (12) Email Setup – Any long term focus at generating income with internet marketing should include some segment about email marketing setup. This is how many big marketers systemize and automate their process…somewhat (in all honesty, few things are fully passive unless you set up systemize process and have outsourcers that you can trust 100% to work on your behalf…you likely require some work and effort otherwise to maintain even the most passive system.)
(13) [B]Search Engine Optimization [/B]– I’m not even going to cover this one right now because there’s so much I want to say about SEO.
(14) [B]Web Design[/B] – this is about how to create high converting sites that are appealing. (15) [B]Product creation[/B] – Useful to know if you want to take that route. How to easily create your own product step by step
(16) [B]Product Research[/B] – Many interesting things in this module of High Income Society. Adding to this, you also learn how to identify and solve a problem effectively which is a valuable lifeskill.
(17) [B]Market Research[/B] – Resources to help you with module 15 and 16. How to create a product that is value driven for your user
(18) eBook Creation (19) Monetization – How to monetize your internet marketing skills. Teaches you how to create sales pages and landing pages to convert audience/traffic into income.
(20)[B] Instant Product[/B] – this should fall once again under Product creation module. (21) [B]Branding[/B] (22) [B]Product delivery[/B] (23) [B]Thank you Pages [/B]
(24) [B]Joint ventures[/B] – This is something important with business and internet marketing. Learn how you can create win-win partnerships with Joint Ventures to make profits for both parties. As my marketing prof use to say, you can’t do everything yourself; be the best at task A then you also need others to measure up to your level for Task B and C to support you. (So effectively, focus on what you do well and pick the right partners to help you with the supporting tasks that are required for your success.)

Wow, that was a lengthy coverage of the 24 modules in High Income Society. I hoped it was valuable and useful for you. There’s more to be said although that would be copious amounts of information. If you happen to want to discuss about any of these topics, it’d be great to do so in the discussion on the High Income Society WF thread coming soon.

In summary, What is High Income Society? Well it’s a training program designed as an internet marketing coach to guide you through many concepts of internet marketing. The objective of learning these internet marketing concepts is to create an online income – make money online. More than that, you are positioned to set up an income stream consistently, consistency is critical as you would agree.

Modules 1-7 are the basic coverage for beginners, Module 9-20 may start getting more interesting and Modules 20-24 are closure modules. There are some excellent information that will add significant value and some modules that more experience individuals may wish to skip (although I can understand why Adeel Chowdry might want to painfully break down some of High Income Society to modules that aren’t really modules in themselves – more like sub topics. This makes it easier to digest the information and this is good for beginners though more experienced internet marketers may wish to touch and go on these recapping information for you.)

[B][U]Who is High Income Society for?[/U][/B]
[B]Make Money online learners[/B]: High Income Society is designed to help newcomers and individuals unfamiliar with internet marketing to generate an income online. It teaches on experience and draws from Adeel’s personal experience and knowledge along the way. This isn't simply rehash information (while it isn't new but rather teaches the basics of internet marketing and guides you along to applying it on a proven module to generate income online. The module is typically thought to be highly sustainable meaning you don’t need to worry about 100 other people doing it. It is also said to be stable(r) because many have done this through decade).

The information is coming from someone sharing what he has done (in some sense – not that he shares his exact business module but parts I think). It’s an excellent course to learn how to make money online and apply what you learnt. Once again, why I say that High Income Society is a viable internet marketing coach supplementary course.

[B]Internet Marketing coach alternative[/B]: If you’re looking for an internet marketing coach then High Income Society may serve as a cheaper alternative. (At fractions the price of an internet marketing coach. This is worth mentioning as it makes quality information and support accessible to many others who don’t want to invest thousands in a coach – though 100% worth it if you get a good internet marketing coach. Mentors and coaches provide a relational aspect that’s crucially important.).

I mention this because High Income Society is different in that it provides checks for accountability and application. It does so by ensuring you pass “tests” before progressing which stages your learning. You can get the commitment and accountability with these tests integrated to High Income Society. Then, make use of the community in this training program to substitute vaguely the functions you want in a coach. (Not entirely though, there’s something about having someone to bring you along that’s very beneficial still High Income Society is good for the relative cost of entry).

Hint, sometimes you can find people willing to coach you without monetary investments. Think of how you can add value or connect with individuals you respect.

[B]Experience internet marketers[/B]: Finally, experience internet marketers may find gems in the course. You’ll be skipping through a lot of already learnt content though there are some useful applications and experiential advice that can help you be even more knowledgeable and make more profit. High Income society covers both basics and advance topics so it can help even experienced internet marketers. I once heard a Warrior member (who was perceived to be very successful and highly respected on the forum) mention that when buying courses he looks to see if he can even get one or two good tips or new ideas that can help him improve his business – even these one or two good implementations or learnings can pay back multiples in the long run. This is a good thought to consider – High Income Society would likely provide the one or two new ideas you might be looking,

[B][U]How does Adeel Chowdry’s Income Society work?[/U][/B]
Adeel’s High Income Society is slightly different from other internet marketing courses you may find out there. We've established that the course is intended to bring you from A-Z of generating income online while first covering the basics. This in itself is unique is that many courses do not teach the basics you need to know if you’re unfamiliar with internet marketing. Think of these courses as patches and not complete software. So #1 High Income Society is metaphor to a software rather than a patch.

[B]Online Classroom format[/B]: The course itself is structured like an online classroom and features variety of format for learning. This makes it easier for individuals to learn regardless of their preferences.

[B]Different formats available[/B] - The course is a system in itself with blueprints, videos, and even tests (yeah I question why they did that. I enjoyed learning though tests were effy at times). Although it’s all intended to help you prove your knowledge and apply your learning which is useful so you can do it in real life application.

[B]Certificate accomplishment[/B] - Finally upon completion of the High-Income Society course you can “graduate” and get a certificate that you finished the HighIncomeSociety course. Now, while the cert is shiny and looks great, you may not actually choose to present it in an interview. (Still it’s a great memorial of the accomplishment and the knowledge you gained. More importantly, your proof is the ability to create an income online base on what you learnt.) Nice souvenir!

Overall, High Income Society is a comprehensive course that is set to impress. There are some basic information as it was designed to bring a beginner through the ropes. It can also help to benefit more experienced marketers so long as they peruse (wanted to use that word somewhere) the information already familiar to them and focus on those that interest them.

The information is intended to set a foundation for the basic transferrable internet marketing skills and then teach a proven and effective technique(s) to create an online income. You learn application and concepts. Remember, it’s a software not a patch (metaphor, you’re not actually buying a software – thought it helped to clarify for some readers online)

Finally, High Income Society also has a different approach to their course which focuses on flexibility to the learner. It’s set up like a online classroom complete even with tests! Exciting! (scarcasm). Though really, I can see Adeel Chowdry has put much thought into how to design High-Income Society course in a manner that allows YOU to get the most out of it (regardless of your learning techniques or habits). For this reason, it’s viable substitute to an internet marketing coach investment or a complement to a coaching program. While I like the value provided in the course, I still think having a coach or mentor is critically important with the relational aspects. Still, you get a community and accountability with High Income Society that you miss with many other internet marketing training programs.

This sums up my opinions about High Income Society and this overly lengthy blog post. I think it should be more of a thread. My apologies about the lengthy writing though I hoped you found it useful regardless. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a PM, comment on this blog, (or wait for the High Income Society threat to open on Warrior Forum where you can share your own experiences, opinions, and questions for the community to consider.

Thanks again for reading this blog post and enjoy!)
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