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[MUST READ] Trust Mongul Website Trust Seals

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Posted 17th April 2015 at 12:57 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 17th April 2015 at 10:00 PM by humbledmarket (Typo Trust Mongol should be Trust Mongul)

Peter Garety has released Trust Mongol today which is a tool intended to increase your website trust and conversions by using website trust seals like those you see on established authority sites.
[[B][B][URL=""]TrustMongul [/URL][/B][/B]– Learn more about Trust Mongul and bonuses here]

This includes interactive website privacy seals and security seals which can help improve user’s perception of your website. TrustMongol makes it easy to set up these security seals that might otherwise be costly and lengthy process.

[B][U]What is TrustMongul?[/U][/B]
As indicated earlier, TrustMongol is the budget option of “Trust Guard”. It works as a WordPress plugin to help you easily add security, verification, or privacy seals on call to action. It allows you to set up the information on one platform and use it across your site being a significant time saver.

Why would you need these “seals” you ask?

Think maybe adding a privacy seal near your email opt in form or a security seal towards a call to action for a monetary transaction. The effect is to increase the trust factor of your website. The whole intent is to increase the user’s perception of your website’s authority and professionalism to the final outcome for better conversion rate.

The drawback however that I don’t quite like is unlike “Trust Guard” it doesn’t really secure your website. It serves the purpose to increase the user’s trust of your website but it doesn’t protect your website from intrusion and neither is it an insurance policy. It rides on the trust factor of similar services that do provide insurance policies though.

[B][U]How does Trust Mongul work?[/U][/B]
Trust Mongul allows you to fill in your information in blank fields much like “Easy Privacy Form” plug-in that takes the hassle out of the template you need. You can then use a simple short code or add it as a widget to integrate it across your site.
(1) [B]Install Trust Mongul Plugin[/B] - TrustMongol works on WordPress site and is easily installed like any WordPress plugin. The whole idea is the simplicity.

(2) [B]Fill in your website information[/B] – Simple fill in the blank fields with a professional and interactive template that is designed to look professional for increase authority.

(3) [B]Add the widget/short code[/B] – Next, you can simply copy and paste your short code complete with all the information to any blog post or page you need within your website. You can also add it as a widget selecting the width for flexibility. The ability to add the short code allows you to use it where you need it. The website trust seals are also base on Javascript so they are more than an image but interactive pop-up that looks quite professional where users can click to view more information about the seals.

Adding to this you’re able to place your own seals so you can easily integrate it within your widgets or short codes. It’s a simple functionality serving the primary purpose of increase your website trust perception with the purpose to improve conversion rates.

[B][U]Who is TrustMongol for?[/U][/B]
[B]Webmasters [/B]– Webmasters will find a variety of uses for these privacy seals with Trust Mongul. While it doesn’t serve a practical function it allows the users to know the website has a good privacy policy.

[B]Digital Product Owners[/B] – Digital Product Owners can benefit from using a Trust Mongul security or verification seal on their sales page or lead capture popup for added assurance.

[B]Niche Websites[/B] – One major issue with niche websites is the spam-like perception that can cause a lot of users to bounce your pages. Use Trust Mongol to help reduce bounce rate and encourage users to spend more time and give more creditability to your website. It allows you to add more weight to a light and thin website that might otherwise be passed over. Of course you need to support this with quality content and reliable information.

In my opinion, this is not one of Peter Garety’s best product although it does have a valid need and is very easy to implement to your website. This can still cater good value to certain users as indicated above who may need a privacy seal or security seal like Trust Mongol for the user’s perception. If you require the added security you may wish to consider alternatives or combine Trust Mongul with a security plugin.
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