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[UNCOVERED] Headlinr by Paul Clifford

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Posted 21st May 2015 at 08:10 PM by humbledmarket

Hi Warriors,
So it’s been about two weeks since Headlinr was released by Paul Clifford (many of you likely already know Paul for his other WSOs. Specifically I had his content curator software on the Warrior Forum a while back which was excellent.)

So in today’s blog post, we’re going to take a further look into Paul’s latest release, Headlinr.
[[URL=""]Headlinr [/URL]– Read more about Headlinr and demo.]

Paul Clifford created the tool, Headlinr, to short-cut your creativity processes in creating an attention getting head line – a headline is crucial to any content for determining it’s direction and your audience’s attention with few exceptions.

[B][U]What is Headlinr?[/U][/B]
Honestly, it seems Headlinr is quite a straight forward tool; it serves a needed purpose (engaging headlines that increase Click Through Rate and content writing) although there’s no fancy gadget to it.

[B]Chrome & Firefox Extension[/B] – First, What is Headlinr? It’s a browser extension. Headlinr works as a Chrome or FireFox browser extension. This means you add it onto your web browser allowing for flexibility of use wherever you are (blog, ads manager, video upload)

[B]Ads, Blogs, Content (ABC)[/B] – Headlinr helps you create headlines for ads, blogs, or other content such as videos or maybe content headers. Personally I think this could be very applicable to certain ads to get better click through rate on demand. It would also be useful for bloggers hoping to get a search engine optimized title (where we know, title is where most the technical SEO is) while still engaging their organic readers without over complicating things.

There isn’t much more to stay about it except that Headlinr is designed to create engaging headlines on demand to make it easier for you to keep working.

[B][U]Who is Headlinr for?[/U][/B]
[B]Content Writers[/B] – Bloggers and content writers is the main segment who would benefit from Headlinr. As a content writer sometime you simply don’t know where to start; you need some way to organize your thought and some ideas to get kickstarted. Headlinr can help generate a compelling headline you can work from such as “10 Reasons you need a Content Writer”. It basically gives you a simple starter to keep working with.

[B]Bloggers[/B] - As for bloggers on the other hand, sometimes you have so much to share but you understand as well, if your content isn’t being found by search engine then your work wouldn’t be enjoyed by many. You’d use the tool more for the SEO purpose.

[B]Learning Pay Per Click[/B] – If you’re learning pay per click then Headlinr can be useful for helping you generate ideas for your ad title or description. These are typical click compelling headlines that are intended to encourage click through. Think of those BuzzFeed headlines, basically Headlinr can help you generate those curiosity and high click through BuzzFeed style headlines.

[U]Who is Headlinr not ideal for?[/U]
[B]Email Marketers[/B] – Email Marketers might be able to use Headlinr to get some email title ideas (though you’d have to work with it). You can then generate a few base on your keyword. It wouldn’t be that effective unless you’re split-testing however.
[B]Affiliates [/B]– Affiliate marketers wouldn’t be able to benefit too much from Headlinr because it doesn’t write the content for you. Although if you’re hoping to generate some Youtube headlines, or website headlines then go ahead!

[B][U]How does Headlinr work?[/U][/B]
This isn’t really necessary because Headlinr is so easy to use never the less, let’s take a look at how does Headlinr work?

[B](1) Install Browser Extension[/B] – First you install the browser extension on Chrome or FireFox and it’ll be as a tab on your browser. This allows you to use it anywhere you want without having to log in. (much like those Pinterest tabs)

[B](2) Enter Keyword[/B] – Then you enter your SEO keyword which you want the title optimized for and it goes to work generating the keyword into a bunch of suitable headline ideas.

[B](3) Select Headline from list[/B] – Finally, you select from the list of tested headline templates with your keyword integrated which you can then click and insert direct to any text box online.

It’s basically that simple in 3 steps to use Headlinr. As I mentioned previously, Headlinr isn’t any fancy spanchy tool but it does what it should…which in this case is generate click engaging headlines for you. Which can then be applied to your ads title, article title/starter, and maybe even jot points.

There are some interesting ways you can use Headlinr profitably which we shared on [URL=""]our blog[/URL] – for example use the headline to generate a link list for SEO such as social bookmarking. It can surely be morphed into a SEO tool to help with semi-manual social bookmarking title generation which can be very powerful for your blog usage! (if you want to alternate the title for each Social bookmark submission to your blog – what’s more because these are meant to be click engaging, you can even get more click through from these linked posts/sites).

[B]Headlinr [/B]can be also use as a long tail keyword tool to generate spun anchor text for your web content linkings or press releases.

We hope you enjoyed this Headlinr Blog post and the ideas shared about how to use the new tool by Paul Clifford. Paul has had a record of creating things that work such as the content curator we bought so we have to give him credit. If you have any questions or comments please share them bellow.

Thanks Warriors
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