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[UNCOVERED] WP Clickster by Bramantya

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Posted 3rd June 2015 at 06:55 AM by humbledmarket

In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at WordPress Clickster which is a new plugin tool to help with your WordPress Set up. We’ll take a look at how you can use it and who it’s for while highlighting the main functions of WP Clickster.

[B][U]What is WP Clickster?[/U][/B]
WP Clickster is one of those tools intended to help you do what you do faster (once you know what you’re doing) or saving you time and freeing you from hassle. It honestly isn’t really a necessary tool but it is designed to save you time and reduce your headaches/frustrations.

[B]Time Saver[/B] – WP Clickster is a time saving tool but cutting down typical WordPress set up by upwards of an hour for each site or roughly 700% faster. This entails the typical site set up you go through such as permalinks for SEO.

[B]Hassle Free[/B] – Next, WP Clickster is a hassle-free tool. The purpose is to remove the frustration of monotonous tasks such as legal pages and privacy policy. It automatically adds these to your WordPress site upon choosing so.

Overall the tool by the WordPress duo experts helps you make WordPress sites set up in a flash. It helps with things like removing annoying post comments notification, or legalities such as affiliate disclosure and amazon compliance page, it also helps with SEO such as permalinks. It’s a tool intended to make use of WordPress on scale such as if you’re setting up a WordPress network or save time with set up.

[B][U]Who is WP Clickster for?[/U][/B]
WP Clickster will benefit two main groups of internet marketers. (1) People who are new to internet marketing (2) People who are doing WordPress setup in bulk such as those setting up their website network.

[B]New Internet Marketers[/B]:
If you’re new to internet marketing and want a WordPress site you can use right out the box with the SEO features and privacy pages already done for you then WP Clickster can help you save the hassle of learning through things yourself. It’s a matter of pressing buttons and letting the tool set up your WordPress site for you.

[B]Automated WordPress Sites[/B]:
For those of you who have bought automated WordPress sites in a WSO such as P1 Traffic Machine, Easy Azon, Vas Q Video Press and the likes, WP Clickster will be tremendously more useful for you. With WordPress Clickster, you’ll be able to set up your installation with these WordPress plug-ins. Effectively, you’d be able to pump out a lot of fully completed sites in minutes. Effectively, you’ll be creating fully completed WordPress sites in one click with this plug-in coupled to your automated WordPress sites. (which is why it makes this such a powerful combination)

[B]Website Network Owners[/B]:
If you’re looking to increase productivity with creating your website network (whether for niche sites or link building) then WPClickster can serve a significant advantage. Imagine being able to pump out 10 of these sites in what it would take to do one initially. With setting up a website link building network there are a few standardize things you need before you diverge your set up to minimize footprints. Now WordPress Clickster can help you with these standardized WordPress set up process. For example removing the posts and adding permalinks or making sure your blog has the appropriate privacy policy and security plugin. If you’re setting up niche site network then you don’t need to worry too much about footprints; in this instance, you can use WPClickster to complete more of your set up process such as contact us plug-ins and templates and sitemap/SEO tools.

[B][U]How does WordPress Clickster work?[/U][/B]
It’s ironic but WordPress Clickster works as a WordPress plugin. You can set the setting features and then duplicate the set up onto as many other sites as you want. You can even integrate themes and plugins within your WP Clickster WordPress Setup.

Thankfully WordPress Clickster has it’s own legal pages integrated to the plug-in so you don’t need Easy Privacy Policy (and their sitewide links).

(1) [B]Select your standardize settings[/B]
(2) [B]Insert your WordPress Plugin Links [/B]
(3) [B]Insert your WordPress Template Link[/B]
(4) [B]One Click WordPress Setup[/B]

That’s the basic flow of setting up a WordPress site with WP Clickster. You first install the WordPress Clickster plugin and then select a few standardized options such as what you want to remove and what you want to add. Insert your Plugin links and then you can run WordPress Clickster to finish the work for you.

At the end of the set up process you should ideally have a ready to go WordPress site with all the plugins and fixings you want to get going with your content creation. This works EVEN better if you have a tool like P1 Traffic Machine or Paul Clifford’s Curator to create content for your website semi-automatically meaning you can scale a whole bunch of WordPress sites. (providing you have a means for traffic generation and tested a profitable system then you can really push the rocket power on this machine to generate income)

Thanks for reading our WP Clickster blog post. :)
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