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[EXPOSED] Long Tail Pro 3.0 Review

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Posted 18th July 2015 at 08:05 PM by humbledmarket

Long Tail Pro 3.0 has been newly released on July 16, 2015 and it’s hard to keep it a secret. The newly released version 3 is a collaboration between the infamous Mark Thompson and niche site expert, Spencer Haw (the original creator of LongTailPro).

[[URL=""]Long Tail Pro[/URL] – Read our Warrior Forum Thread for more information and bonus on Long Tail Pro]

First and foremost, not only is Long Tail Pro 3 a better and improved version but it’s also currently at 70% off. So if you’ve tried the trial and been looking into getting LTP then now is the time to do so! Hope you appreciate this tip.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at (1) What is Long Tail Pro (2) Who is Long Tail Pro for (3) How does Long Tail Pro work?

[B][U]What is Long Tail Pro 3.0[/U][/B]:
Long Tail Pro 3 is a keyword research tool that finds hidden keywords which you or other keyword tools may have missed. They allow you to enter a seed keyword and it’ll generate up to 800 keyword suggestions. It also helps you evaluate the keyword with a “confidence score” which gives you an idea of how competitive a keyword is. Finally, if there’s a long tail keyword you like, Long Tail Pro 3.0 can also help you check if the exact match domain is registered or available.

[B]Exact Match Domain finder[/B]
Basically Long Tail Pro serves as a comprehensive keyword research tool and an exact match domain finder. I remember paying $37/month for an EMD finder before (and not only me but 1000s of others). You get this all on Long Tail Pro with a one time $27 fee.

[B]All in one SEO research tool[/B]:
Furthermore, Long Tail Pro even helps you as a rank checker. This reduces the need for a separate tool, more computer space, or the hassle of installing another software. I personally believe Long Tail Pro is one of the BEST Keyword research tool out there NOT because it has all the bells and whistles but because it’s simple, it works, and it does what you need it to do. It also combines the other tools you need, having gone through building numerous niche sites I know you need (1) good keyword finder (2) competition analysis to save you time (3) rank tracker to check your progress.

This is what Long Tail Pro gives you. Long Tail Pro 3.0 is effectively the only SEO research tool you need for a basic site set up. I suppose this is because Spencer Haw has experience building 100s of his own niche site and knows what webmasters and internet marketers need/want. I should also add that their algorithm for the confidence score was fine tuned over the course of 4 years so they know what they’re doing.

[B][U]Who is Long Tail Pro 3.0 for?[/U][/B]
[B]Internet Marketers[/B] – As underlined earlier, Long Tail Pro 3 is an excellent tool for internet marketers building niche sites. A critical component to any internet marketing task is having the proper research tools. You need typically to know what keywords are worth targeting and which keywords you can target. Having the right keywords is foundation component to a successful niche site. Long Tail Pro makes finding profitable keywords easier. You can identify keywords that others are missing and find long tail keywords that are getting good amount of searches.

[B]Affiliate Marketers[/B] – Affiliate marketers especially will appreciate the ability to save time with Long Tail Pro 3. One of the key features in Long Tail Pro 3 is being able to process things faster. Now you can use Long Tail Pro to find which keywords you can target and rank for to get more traffic. With the keyword tool and competition analysis you’ll be able to more quickly identify which keywords to use and save more time. Save time on finding the right keywords and spend more time creating the content with those keywords to generate more profits.

[B]Newbies [/B]– New internet marketers wanting to learn how to make money online will find Long Tail Pro 3 to be an indispensable tool. The simple interface and basic critical functionality makes Long Tail Pro easy to use. You can easily operate Long Tail Pro 3 like a keyword research expert. How does this help you? First you can make money offering keyword research service online (taking you less than 5 minutes to do.) Keyword research is a critical component to many internet marketers’ worklist and many (including myself) occasionally outsource it. When you’re ready and you’ve gotten really experience with keyword research, you may wish to use the Long Tail Pro 3 tool to find keywords for your own marketing efforts or niche site.

It’s as simple as entering seed keywords and checking which competition analysis score is low. Offer these services on internet marketing forums or Fiverr to build some profit. Effectively Long Tail Pro 3 is an easy to use tool that anyone can learn quickly. It also makes typical keyword research activities simplified.

Effectively long Tail Pro is an excellent tool for any spectrum of internet marketers. Many internet marketing activities require good keywords and Long Tail Pro 3 is THE tool that can help with this. What I really like about Long Tail Pro is (1) the powerful keyword finder (2) the ease of use (3) the time saving with the competition analysis. You have all that you might need in a keyword research tool and them some with LTP 3.

[B][U]How does LongTailPro 3 work?[/U][/B]
(1) [B]Enter your seed keyword[/B]: Long Tail Pro 3 works base on your seed keyword. They are able to work with 5 seed keyword at a time. It’ll then generate up to 800 keyword suggestion with your one keyword suggestion. The software finds keywords for you and then displays the critical information you need to make a decision such as the keyword search volume.

(2) [B]Confidence Score[/B]: Next Long Tail Pro 3 works by providing you with a confidence score which is a finely tuned algorithm over 4 years to guesstimate how difficult or easy it would be to rank for the keyword in question. It’s color coded and displayed in the Long Tail Pro 3 platform. The confidence score makes it easy for you to browse through 100s of keywords and cherry pick which ones suite your criteria in terms of search volume and ease of ranking.

(3) [B]Competition Analysis[/B]: Finally, after you’ve shortlisted the suggested keywords. You can use the competition analysis to take an even closer look at the current top 10 search listing and finetune your list further base on the competition as you desire. It’s an excellent combination of both simplicity and the option for advance knowledge.

With Long Tail Pro, you’re getting a keyword tool that was created out of necessity. Long Tail Pro 3 works uniquely because Spencer Haw creates his own niche sites and uses Long Tail Pro. He knows what webmasters want and need in a keyword research tool.

Adding to that, Long Tail Pro is an easy to use tool that gives you the sky view to save you time (think of the president’s summary page – they can’t get to know everything that’s going on but the key highlights). Still, if you need more complex information (for knowledge is power) then you can also choose to expand the Long Tail Pro 3 tool to get more information. Much like the read more button on blog posts.

Then as the icing on the cake, Long Tail Pro also combines some other critical functions a webmaster would find useful. It helps you find profitable, hidden keywords to help you rank on search engine quicker and make more money online WHILE also help you track your progress with a rank tracker. The competition analysis is an even further bonus to let you spy on your competition sites/rank.

Long Tail Pro in our opinion is a good keyword research tool. You get the keyword tool you want and need.
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