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[MUST READ] Amazo-X launch by Todd Gross. Make money with Amazon?

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Posted 25th August 2015 at 11:42 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 1st September 2015 at 02:34 AM by humbledmarket

Hi Warriors,

So in this blog post we’re going to highlight the popular up and coming “make money with Amazon” course, Amazo-X. It’s supposedly the course as an alternative to Amazon Selling Machine (which was priced close to $3000).

It’d be great to get your opinion on Amazo-X and how it compares to Amazon Selling Machine if you’ve gotten ASM as well. Please leave your comments bellow.

First of all Amazo-X claims to help you make money with Amazon without any start-up costs by having vendors provide you with samples, marketing allowance, and support. It runs on Dan Hollings’ experience of making money with Amazon. Dan Hollings is “Mr.X” in the Amazo-X course. What I especially like about Amazo-X is the involvement of Todd Gross immediately adds creditability to the product. Next, you pay less than $10 rather than $3000 for something that’s supposedly to help you in like manner.

If you’re wondering, yes there are a few upsells. Yes, though they are optional and within the same range as your intro product.

You may still be having a few questions about Amazo-X such as the following.

[B][U]What is AmazoX [/U][/B]
Amazo-X is a make money online training program that teaches you how to use Amazon to make money online. It isn’t your typical make money with Amazon course. AmazoX teaches you how to use Amazon without investing large sums on inventory and to minimize your risks.

It claims that there is no risk because you’re working as a consultant. It teaches you how to do “Amazon Consulting” much like a “Social media consultant”. You effectively find products and help them to sell more on Amazon successfully.

The system teaches you how to do so and how to identify which products to sell on Amazon. Amazo-X certainly seems like a viable technique base on the proofs Mr.X has provided of his own experience with this approach.

[B][U]Who is Amazo-X for? [/U][/B]
[B]Make Money Online [/B]– First and foremost Amazo-X fits anyone looking to make money online. The claims of low risks and no up-front investment suits well for people looking to get their feet in the game. The tutor goes through the whole concept and shows proof to get you going. Effectively Amazo-X is excellent for people looking to make money online with minimal risks and no investment costs.

[B]Amazon Sellers [/B]– If you’re selling products or Amazon already or doing eCommerce Amazo-X can help you get more with Amazon and teach you how to optimize your listing and get sales. Effectively, rather than helping other people make sales on Amazon, you can ramp up your own game with Amazo-X.

[B]Internet Marketers[/B] – Amazon is on the rise and it’s making billions of sales and transactions yearly. Added to this, Amazon frequently comes up with tech innovations that changes the industry. It helps to get as much knowledge about Amazon to use when the time comes and get the understanding necessary to monetize it for other business aspects (Amazon can be used for more than selling products alone – eBooks and licensed content for example).

Amazo-X provides the content in easy to watch video tutorial which allow for quick consumption of information. Effectively if you’re an internet marketer looking to learn more about Amazon and be prepared to use it when necessary, Amazo-X can give you a crash course about Amazon selling in an easy and concise video tutorial.

[B][U]How does Amazo X Work? [/U][/B]
(1) [B]Five Video Tutorials[/B] – Amazo-X is delivered as a membership site with five video tutorials walking you through the concept to make money with Amazon and showing you examples of Mr.X results. This is easy to digest and saves you time so you can take action. It covers enough information but doesn’t go right into the details too much.

(2) [B]Bonus Download[/B] – You have a bonus document about the application of Amazo-X to get more information to support your execution. You also are encouraged to ask questions in the community and get more knowledge through webinars provided on Amazo-X membership platform helping you implement AmazoX more effectively.

(3) [B]Software Solutions[/B] – Finally, there are a few optional upsells that help you to work the technique more effectively and automate some of the work in the form of upsells for software solutions to Amazo-X. These should come with their own knowledge pieces although I did not receive the upsells so I cannot comment on them. The upsells are very relative to the price you paid for the Amazo-X course.

Please share your answers to these questions bellow or ask other questions you may have! It's best to have a community answer to them as oppose to a singled opinion.

Finally, [B][U]Why the name Amazo-X?[/U][/B] Simply it should be a play-off to Amazon hence the theme of using “Mr.X”. It’s a course to teach people about making money with Amazon by Dan Hollings or “Mr.X”. Yeah coming up with product names I’ve heard can be tuff (tough). I’ve only released three so far SEO Ultimate 2015, EMD Victory, and Ultimate Profit Action Guide so haven’t had this struggle. I really like Ultimate Profit Action guide because it was our first guide on using Facebook games for micro tasks like social signals for SEO…this was back nearly in 2005! (before the craze of social signals came about)
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