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The Ultimate SEO Series (Part 1/8): White Hat VS Black Hat SEO (Which One Are You?)

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Posted 1st April 2013 at 10:08 PM by IamGrace

Today, I would like to share with you a simple explanation about SEO, and newbies in the Internet Marketing World must take a note of this.

So what is SEO all about? People do SEO to get ranked on search engines like Google. There are also 2 components of SEO, and these are off page Seo and On Page Seo.

On Page SEO- Here you can control everything in your website, including the contents and the layout.

Off page SEO- this IS the links that you can't control. People are linking to your site from other websites. Here you can get a lot of benefits and your site will be pushed on the top of search engines.

White Hat SEO takes place in here. Established websites or Big Companies get more links because they have the ability to do advertising and do some media events because they can afford to do so, but what about the small companies who have A only limited budget to advertise??

We all know that in order for a site to get ranked on Google it needs to get more links, but how can you get more links if your site isn’t popular? Webmasters do not like linking to a website unless the site is popular.

If your website is new, surely people will not know that you exist. So you need to do Link Baiting, this is designed for the purpose of getting more links by getting the attention of the public.

Example: Post an interesting video on YouTube promoting your product, be creative and be unique. You can easily get the attention of many if your video is fantastic. And once your video become viral, there are possibilities that it will be featured on famous TV programs without paying for promotions. You always have to make the first move for the links to appear.

Google Hypocrisy is taking over here, it’s not quite right when it says “Build a great site with great contents and you will magically get ranked” because people will naturally link to you. No, people will not link to you if they don’t know that you exist, so it is always important to make the first move to get popular and to get more links.

Newbies do not have the ability to do link baiting, they are lacking of idea, experience, time and money. So Google is saying things that are impossible for small companies. If you don’t have the money to do advertising or to do link baiting, you are not going to get links.

Remember, there is no 100% White Hat SEO for small websites. You always need to have a budget to pay for writers to get great article contents, and if you have good articles, people will link to your article. You need to spend money in exchange for a good writer to get more links.

While Black Hat SEO is doing some stuff which Google doesn’t really like, these websites are in a Hurry to get ranked on search engines. So what others do is they create very low quality websites that are spammy and has viruses.

Stay away from practicing Black Hat SEO, because Google is very strict in what you can and what you cannot do, you have to be very careful on that. Just try to stick with White hat and Gray Hat Seo if you want to be successful.

These are my own opinion based on my experience, I’m sure you all have different point of views here. I would like to hear your thoughts.
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    Akhlis's Avatar
    Normally, I use only WhiteHat.
    I would lie if I will tell you that I never used BlackHat. I did, but I saw the outcome.

    So, last year if I recall correctly I got my SEOMoz account and started to do real SEO. Results started to become notable after 2 months of work.
    So right now I do 75% onpage and 25% offpage + social nowdays.
    And right now, I would not recommend to anyone BlackHat, as google is starting to become more and more intelligent.

    Other opinions are welcome, this is just mine so you don't need to agree with it.
    Posted 1st April 2013 at 11:21 PM by Akhlis Akhlis is offline

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