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Internet Marketing Rewards Those Who Can Speak in Public to Their Audience

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Posted 1st January 2017 at 02:23 PM by Ian Jackson

I don't want to dent anyone's aspirations, but based on observations I have made over the years, there's one skill set that sets apart those who make it to the highest places in business online from those who don't (or can't).

So what is that skill set?

It is the ability to talk to, and communicate with, an audience.
And when I say talk, I mean talk! often they talk for at least an hour, and sometimes for at least two or three.

How many Gurus have you listened to that seem to be able to talk for hours one end. I recently listened to one such marketer - a BIG name - whose webinar I signed to recently; in over 2 hours he hardly paused to draw breath!

This should tell you something.

It tells ME that first, they have an intimate knowledge of their subject, but more than that, it reveals that they are super confident and nothing fazes them or at least if it does, they have the mind set and hence ability to ignore it and move through the mental barriers to be able to reach out and deliver their message to their audience.

Many with such ability overcame great fears to be able to do just this.

In a room full of seminar attendees, how many do you think will progress to the point of becoming the host of one of their own seminars?

Seriously, ask yourself this question, because if different formats and methods, this is the level you are going to have to achieve if you desire to make something of yourself online.

I believe each and every one of us has it in us to do exactly that.

Now, you may not agree with me right now, your inner default instincts may fight back, and thats understandable.

But, we are all born with exactly the same mental faculties exactly the same. The difference lies in how we USE our faculties, and how we are conditioned as we move though life.

Desire is a funny thing, and most of you reading this will swear blind that you have the desire to aspire to great heights.

But do you really? Honestly?

Are you prepared to give up things to make improvements and advances in different directions that are different from the ones that have been holding you back?

Do you understand what it takes?

Every day many Gurus ask the same question of themselves because unless they keep on investing in their educating, investing in making improvements to their own ability, they simply stagnate and fall behind.

In my opinion I think the one of the most fundamental blocks that holds most people back is that they seek to avoid public speaking.

Now, being a public speaker doesn't just mean (for example) standing in from of a room full of seminar attendees, it can apply equally to running an online session or conference on Skype, a single or group coaching session on Skype, a webinar, and so on. Anything that implies you have to physically speak to someone else, or a group of people.

Are you happy and comfortable doing that?

If so, that's great, use it, you're in with a chance.

If not, it is something that you will need to become comfortable with if you want to become the expert that all the Internet marketing gurus tell you that you can be.

I really believe that a large percentage of what makes successful people successful is the confidence to speak to other people in one or another public domain, on or off line.

This isn't a strict set-in-stone rule, but it is certainly a trait that is more common than not.
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