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Amplify Your Voice and Become a One Voice Online Marketing Choir

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Posted 28th January 2009 at 07:37 PM by Iceman Baldy

Many people spend a lot of time online using their weblog or website as a primary means for keeping their followers updated and informed about the latest and greatest topics in their niche. They do reviews, make recommendations, provide helpful links to outstanding items of interest, and engage in dialogue with their readers via comments and email. They have a strong online voice but are they using that strength to fully expand the potential reach their voice could have beyond a primary weblog or website? What if you could multiply that singular voice into a choir of expertise heard all across the internet?

Well you can do just that if you follow these tips for multiplying your message and amplifying your voice.

Begin by mapping out your internet footprint. Start with your blog or website where you publish your primary content and then draw links to other places where you interact online as opportunities to repurpose your primary content in secondary locations.

Do you participate in forums? Which ones? Do these forums allow you to complete a profile page where you can integrate an RSS feed from your weblog? Is there a blogging feature on the forum where you can copy and paste recent posts from your weblog or website? Use each of these forums as a secondary place to publish your primary content.

Do this every time you post primary content that is appropriate to the audience in these secondary locations. With most of these tips, you’ll find that you have pockets of followers in secondary locations that are related to your niche or topic but who don’t visit your primary website or weblog. If you don’t post your content in those secondary places, your missing opportunities to grow your following and build relationships with new and influential people.

Are you involved with social networks like Ning, Facebook and MySpace? Each of these networks has options for integrating your weblog content via RSS feeds that are featured on your profile, notes, page, wall, bulletin board, or whatever the particular networks calls its individual notes system. The feeds are automatic once you set them up so you don’t have to do anything to keep your page up to date with content from your weblog. Some networks allow you to set up groups or fan pages. Create a group about your topic or a fanpage for your blog or website and integrate your content there as well. Some people prefer social networks to forums and you have a huge audience there who would benefit from your frequently updated content. Social networks are a great secondary location for your primary content.

What about Web 2.0 interactive applications and tools like Twitter, Squidoo, FriendFeed, and MyBlogLog. These applications and tools are becoming communities in and of themselves and some, like the text-messaging based Twitter, aren’t entirely reliant on the use of the internet for updates. Almost all of these applications provides an opportunity to feature your primary content and gain exposure beyond measure.

You can use third-party tools like Twitter-feed or a Wordpress plug-in to automatically update Twitter when you post something on your weblog. Twitter users who see your “tweet” as text posts are called on Twitter can click on a link that takes them directly to your weblog from the tweet.

You can set up FriendFeed to collect your posts as they are made along with other social sites that you can aggregate together on one page for a one-stop look at whatever you want to share with others about your online initiatives.

You use MyBlogLog as a way of establishing a community for your weblog where other community members who have also submitted their weblogs become friends who also drive traffic to your site based on those who view their weblog. MyBlogLog will also aggregate the activities that you designate on a single-page to provide additional exposure to your multiple blogs or social networks.

I’ve used Squidoo to take longer posts and turn them into stand-alone Squidoo lenses with additional links, resources, pictures, book recommendations, sales modules, interactive comments, polls, and anything else that you can use from the Squidoo toolbox to create an expert page on the topic. The key to all of these tips is to take content that you’ve already developed and republish and/or repurpose it so that you get as much mileage and visibility as you can.

Republish and repurpose. You can do it now or later. Some of your old posts become great candidates for updates and internal links within your own website or website. Do a couples of posts on the same topic and you’ve created a series that you can feature as exclusive content in your sidebar.

Amplify your voice and let the choir sing. Amen.
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