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The 7 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

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Posted 19th November 2014 at 04:30 AM by IM Mozie
Updated 19th November 2014 at 04:32 AM by IM Mozie (category edit)

Affiliate Marketing may seem like a big task but following these seven steps, you’ll be having your much- awaited success.

Step 1: Find a potential stable market –The first step in obtaining affiliate marketing success is to choose a niche that has a huge potential market. This can be done through extensive research to find out which topics or products can get the crowd’s attention.

The best potential market is one that has little or no competition, yet there are lots of people that might be needing the service or product. If you can come up with a way to meet those unanswered needs, then you will have a chance to make some serious money.

Step 2: Main Affiliate Product Research - after you have identified your market, you need to gather information by doing a comprehensive research. This will be vital in creating your squeeze page.

Basically, the squeeze page will have all the information of your products and services, it is a perfect place where you can attract people getting them to click and complete an opt-in form. This will be a perfect opportunity to make leads.

Step 3: Additional Affiliate Products Research- It is essential to research numerous affiliate products directly related to the chosen market. By doing this, you will be able to choose what is the best product and services for your selected market.

The chosen product will be advertised using an e-mail Autoresponder. It is a marketing tool with a pre-arrange response that will automatically reply to an email sent by a potential client requesting information.

Step 4: Setting up Squeeze page. – This is a preselling strategy when properly applied it will produce great sales. As to the potential client who will be visiting the website, a need to action box appears and prompts the user to enter their email. After they had provided their email, they will be redirected to the sales page.

Step 5: Auto responders: this tool can have a huge impact and produce great sales when properly used in a business. Also, it can help promote, advertise and provide customer service.

As we all know, frequent communication with our regular or prospect customersdefines our intention for business and it is imperative for our business to succeed.

Step 6: Advertise your Squeeze Page: There are many ways to advertise your squeeze page using these techniques can lead to financial success.

Facebook Ads: To advertise on Facebook, you must create a Facebook page and build a community where you can interact with your members. Provide lots of relevant and engaging topics then, create marketing ads that will provide the needs of your followers.

Solo Ads: Ads targeted to specific subjects.
Print Media: You can purchase advertising space in a newspaper or magazine, to promote your products and services.

YouTube Traffic: Making success stories and recommendation videos for your products and services will greatly increase new potential clients.

Forum Advertising: Is a way where you advertise your product in different forums.

Step 7: Retargeting: It is a paid marketing program and also called as remarketing. Basically, retargeting is a process of allocating ads to people visiting your website after they leave.

These ads appear as they visit another websites, retargeting ads will attempt to bring them back to your website. As the ads appears, they will have an impression or they will think that the product and services you’re offering are utmost quality.

Other benefits of a retargeted ads:
  1. With retargeting click rates increased up to 10x greater than any normal google ad words or banner ads.
  2. Builds your brand awareness
  3. Builds customer relationships
  4. Conversion rates increased using retargeted ads, because your ads are primarily shown to the people visiting your website who have already showed an interest in your products or services.

I hope you enjoyed my article, follow these 7 steps and you will become successful at affiliate marketing, the trick is to not give up when things are slow and to keep pushing and keep your goal in sight!

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To Your Success!


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