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Vimeo Videos for Business

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Posted 22nd May 2014 at 03:20 PM by imarkedy

In this post, we’ll introduce Vimeo videos for business. Having said that, we want to be clear; there is a distinct difference between most video sharing websites, of which Youtube is king, and Vimeo. Not long ago, a friend shared something, with me, and it was one of those moments when even pro marketers learn something new; “Vimeo isn’t a website many use to browse and watch tons of content like Youtube”. This statement is not only true but led this company, SBDC TV, to re-examine what value Vimeo has from a video Seo, marketing and brand presentation perspective.

For those who may not know, video Seo is a best practice which combines, titles, tags and descriptions for the purpose of obtaining top onsite ( as well as high (page #1) search rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
We are Vimeo fans and, in fact, use their cloud hosting service which was one of the best decisions we’ve made in the evolution SBDC TV. Further; we recommend, regardless of industry, taking advantage of their current cost structure for small business video hosting services instead of deferring to lower quality available at Youtube. We use the Tube but only for marketing purposes.

For clarity’s sake; I am in no way slamming Youtube videos, in general, but as a serious video hosting option, it will (not might) negatively impact and reduce brand image in the eyes of those most likely to use your products and services.

The logic most have for using Youtube as a business hosting option, typically, is as follows;

1. It creates messaging consistency both on Youtube as well as onsite
2. Youtube is a well-known and trusted brand
3. It’s easy
4. It’s FREE

Forgive my candor but for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to either build or protect brand image, none of the above reasons are valid! Dealing with each point, individually, could take many more posts so we’ll stick with the most glaring misunderstanding; messaging consistency.

Messaging consistency is very important to any organization hoping to achieve long term, marketplace viability. However, creating consistent messaging isn’t a result of using the same tool rather keeping ‘value proposition’ consistent, key selling or engagement point(s) clear and concise as well as providing instant quality. More than anything, effective marketing is organized chaos! Let me explain; the root of any value proposition boils down to industry specific keyword selection and deployment. As we teach our now more than 13,000 online learners, targeting sales leads means selecting and deploying multiple keywords across niche specific industry markets. On its face – this may seem to contradict ‘consistency’ but nothing is further from true. What is true is that customers search for the same product and service using different keywords typed into their favorite search engine.

Here are examples of a keyword phrases;

1. Online courses
2. Online learning
3. Free online courses
4. Take online classes
5. Best online courses

And the list goes. Although these keyword phrases are different, customers are seeking information, in general, about the same subject. The consistency here is that all are seeking information about online classes. Whatever form of online promotion used, these keywords (or your industry phrases) should be used to drive traffic to your website AND THEN present your value proposition in a consistent, clear and concise manner. Youtube videos, usually low-quality or demanding viewers take some form of action to upgrade to HD viewing, is great for marketing purposes, social shares and even high organic search rankings but horrible to use for onsite, sales focused presentations.

So that our integrity remains intact and before going forward, let me state this; we are in no way a Vimeo Affiliate who seek to sell our readers and students anything. As has been said many times before, we recommend products that we personally use, trust and have measured as effective. Further – every video offered on this website is hosted at Vimeo and thus high quality and we recommend, for your cloud hosting needs, taking a look at their PRO services which cost a paltry $199 per year for unlimited streams, unlimited uploads (though not to exceed 1 TB yearly).

In addition to cloud streaming, Vimeo is a great for locating high quality, industry specific, training content. The list of categories available for free viewing (mostly) is varied and Vimeo has earned the honor of being the hosting platform of choice for artists, film makers as well as e-learning websites such as ours. Chief among reasons we who are creative have chosen them, boils down to one thing -QUALITY! In stark contrast, Youtube defaults to a shockingly awful stream quality of ‘360’ (or lower) while Vimeo, at minimum, defaults to 720HD and can go higher.

Note: Vimeo doesn’t claim to make lower than 720HD quality into HD so videos must offer this as part of the encoding process.

This isn’t to say Youtube doesn’t offer higher quality but viewers must manually change (using the little gear icon) settings to stream HD. Never assume viewers either have the time or knowledge to change video quality – it will cost dearly.

Whether your organization is seeking to host one video or 1,000, here are categories of videos best hosted at Vimeo;

1. Website spokesperson
2. Product testimonials from customers
3. Animated presentations
4. Powerpoint to video presentations
5. Recorded webinar streams
6. How to video tutorial(s)
7. Documentary films

Whatever the need, I encourage entrepreneurs and small business owners on this wise; use Youtube for marketing purposes and Vimeo for onsite, brand messaging needs.

B.D. Dale
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