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Google Places for Business Review

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Posted 19th January 2015 at 02:16 PM by imarkedy

In this article, we’ll give a Google Places review. Before doing so, however, we'd like to open up with a warning to those who are intentionally seeking ‘Google Places Reviews’ to increase search engine optimization rankings. Not long ago, there was a Google Panda and Google Penguin update which forced millions of webpages from top search rankings.

Anytime Google does such major algorithm updates, it's mainly for one reason - to catch cheaters! Catching and ferreting out cheaters assists Google with serving the best keyword search results on the Internet. They will ravenously protect their brand and should be applauded for doing so.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses must understand that if their products and services are great and customers are largely satisfied, they will give your company great reviews. However, as in any business, any time you're dealing with the general public, there are some who won't be satisfied no matter what you do.
To this end, we’ll share a story from our founder.

Years ago, he was a general manager for Marriott food services. Yes, the hotel! He accepted an assignment at an educational institution. Although students had to pay for their meals, employee meals were provided free of charge.

Even then, many employees complained as if they were paying customers. The point is - no matter what, there are those who will give your company a bad review. Just make sure the good far outweighs the bad.

If you encourage people to give your company good reviews, at some point, Google is going to conduct another major update which will catch you. Make no mistake, asking customers for involuntary reviews is cheating – customers should do this on their own.

Let’s make it plain - you will be caught and your business website will suffer the infamous and costly Google penalty. This punishment will certainly result in much lower search rankings and possible de-listing from search altogether. You've been warned.

We digress. In our Local Seo course, Google Places is one of the featured websites. Not only does Google control more than 71% of worldwide search, they control local search as well. Google Places assists entrepreneurs and small businesses with increasing their company's visibility online.

Not only does Google Places increase your organizations online presence, it builds trust with those it matters most with - clients and customers.

This listing is also free of charge. Not only do listings exist individually, it is a part of a larger network of services such as Google Maps and even Google Plus. Once your listing is set up and business information entered and verified; a Google Map will appear in local search market results (to the right on search pages depending on the keyword you’re listed for).

There are also plugins and widgets which can be embedded on your business website to further increase Google algorithm. Algorithms are responsible for ranking content on search engines. The more information you provide on your Google Places listing, the better your search result will be.

One of the most underrated functions of Places is the ability to help cultivate both a local and global fan base. Once you’ve establish that you can be trusted to provide superior products and services (through receipt of honest reviews), Google will automatically increase your webpage-listing rankings which will result in higher Internet visibility.

There are very few tools more cost-effective than appreciative customers who act as non-commissioned salespeople by sharing your website link to online connections. Celebrity endorsements are good but average, everyday people praising your business is even better!

Here are tips for getting the most from a Google Places review:
1. Every customer won't write a review - it is strictly a numbers game. The more customers you have, the more likely a review will occur whether positive or negative.
2. Never tell your customers what to write and certainly how many stars to rate you with. Believe it or not, buyers don’t trust a company with ALL HIGH REVIEWS and no dissenting opinion.
3. Check your Google Places listing every couple of weeks for accuracy. Although it may sound strange, the information you provide may somehow get skewed requiring an update.

Here are tips for increasing your Google Places listing in search rankings:
1. Choose search phrases with which your customers can locate your business online. It isn't WHO is searching it is HOW. Get customers to your website first (HOW) and then worry about demographics (WHO).
2. Create engaging and relevant content which most accurately describe your product and service.
3. When and where possible, use images and multimedia video to better engage your audience.

Google Places for Business can be a great tool so we suggest setting up your listing now!

Brian D. Dale
Local SEO Marketing Classes
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