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From journalism to IM without knowing anything!

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Posted 7th March 2015 at 10:59 AM by Italiajin

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share my story and ask for suggestions. I hope you will beg me for my english, I am not used to write in other languages than italian. My name's Alan, I am, or better was, a journalist. 34yo, started my daily work at 18 cause of my passion, writing. After local newspapers and local television I entered in a brunch of Sky Tv. I was on a particular channel, called Betting Channel where everything, of course, is about betting. Horses, bingo, sports betting, poker were all the main issues about our programs. When I entered the staff I felt I had much more skills than my collegues and worked very very hard respecting everyone, in 6 months I was channel director and grew up the channel finances from 1M$ to 10M$ in tv spots (I mean, advertisers paid 10M$ in 2012 and Sky earned that money from that, not me). I was earning 5K$ a month (avg in my country is 1K$ per month).
For some reasons that is complicated and too long to write here me and all my staff (36 persons total) did not receive our salary from September 2012 to March 2013, that's when we all decided to leave this work and looking for something else.
I had no particular request in finding another work, I just loved to make tv, to write, and sports betting, but the country was, and either is, in a very bad moment so there was no work for me. "You're too skilled"..."We don't have money and firing our staff..." etc... Everywhere was the same.
So I started to hang around on the internet, my name's pretty popular here, people were used to write me and ask for sport predictions. I opened a group, a open group on Facebook, and started to help people in giving them my predictions. I was very very good in that, and the first one in my country that was doing something like this.
I contacted some bookmakers, asking them what they would have offered me if I had moved some people from where they were used to bet to their site.
I found a good deal with one of them and registered 120 people on the first day.
After one month I earned 1500$, I could have pay rent, my car and stuff like that.
Then I sayd myself... "Hey, what if you find something good in that and offer them a deal?". My deal was this one....register one player on that platform under my tree and you will earn 66% of the income they generate without doing anything else. I found three agents good in that. They brought me 200 people each one.
In 4 months the income from the website was 8k$ per month. Yes, I needed to pay my agents, but I was earning 4k$ per month without doing anything cause by the time I outsoruced the daily work (predictions) to my agents.
Now, just last month, things have changed. The website want to change my commission plan, I can't let my agents earn what they are used to and I am not happy with the part that I would earn by myself.
You could only say....ok, just move your list to another site. It's not that easy cause outsorcing 100% work to my agents was yes a 100% passive income, big passive income, but nowaday is something like is not my own list. I am not the referral for them, I mean they don't talk with me so I'd need to ask my agents to follow me. They would do it but we could easily use 50-70% of our list in moving to another site after 3 years for no reason.
So here's what I thought... building a website, creating list of subscriber with optin and free predictions via mail. Offer a monthly payed subscription at 47$ or 197$ (2 levels) and say to my new customer: "Hey, you don't want to pay those money? Ok, register here (and I earn commissions from the bookmakers, maybe less, maybe more than 47$ or 197$)".
I know I would do a lot of other stuff, and I am here to listen to your suggestions but also to tell you my story.
I need to restart again. And I love that!


PS There's one thing that does not make myself 100% satisfied. I am not writing and giving emotions to people. That's what I was born for.
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