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How To Generate Endless Business MLM Leads - Daily

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Posted 12th August 2009 at 05:50 PM by itpro007ca

There are so many ways to get leads for your business, whether online, or offline, but you have to know what they are and how to market.

Therein lies the problem:

97% of all network marketers are failing, because the truth is: They have no idea how to market – properly.Their approach can be best described as: “The Shotgun Approach” – try anything and everything and see if it works…!

Especially, whatever ‘the gurus”, or their “upline” tells them and if it’s not working -they’re told “you must be doing something wrong” and/or “try harder”, or “do more of the same.”

Thankfully, there IS a right way to market to get traffic and leads to your website and business.

However, firstly, let me say that most people’s marketing approach is wrong before they even get to “The Shotgun Approach.”

How so?

* Marketing one’s primary business upfront
* Marketing their business, instead of themselves
* Marketing to “anybody”
* Not marketing to their ‘target market”
* Not building and/or having a list
* Not using a “Funded Proposal” and “SLO-Self Liquidating Offer” -a low cost offer + upsell and/or “free offer”
* Not using a “Sales Funnel” to “qualify’ their leads and prospects

I could continue, but I think you get the idea!

OK, now maybe you’ve heard of “Attraction Marketing” or maybe you haven’t and maybe you think it’s a load of hype, but once you understand what it is, you will understand that it makes sense and it does work -and how.

Having said the above then, let us briefly list the opposite of the above and the correct way to market:

* Market your Primary Business on the “back-end.” ie: to your list and your downlines!
* Market YOU, not your business
* Market to your “Target Market” in this case: other networkers -not your 100 list and “Uncle Bob”
* Market to your list of “qualified leads and prospects” aka “Opportunity Buyers.”
* Use a “Funded Proposal” on the front end -sorts leads, offers a ‘free’, or ‘low cost product” to fund advertising.
* Use a “Sales Funnel” to ‘qualify’ those leads and prospects that are right for your Weed out the “tire-kickers” and “opportunity seekers!”

Now, you hopefully understand that Attraction Marketing is all about YOU and branding and promoting yourself as a leader and an expert in your field, whatever that is, whether it’s MLM, Computers, Marketing, Sales, Flowers, etc.

You also understand that it’s all about having a “marketing system” with a free, or low cost offer, possibly with an “upsell” that brings leads in, qualifies them(if they won’t spend any money, spend a little, try for a while, then quit, or stick around, you have your answer!) and you know who your best business prospects are.

In other words, say Sony has a new $1, 000 HDTV set on the market.How do they market it?:

* Sony “positions” themselves to get their NAME in the market -ok, it’s already there, but it took advertising.
* Sony “advertises” to their “target market”
* Sony uses a ‘Funded Proposal” ie: “Get 20% off -today only” “free ipod” or a “bait item”
* Sony uses a “Sales Funnel” -non-qualifiers need not apply.

They have their loyal customers, those looking for a $1, 000 HDTV set, those not yet ready, those who can’t quite afford it and those not interested and/or who don’t buy “Sony.”

Ok “nuff said.”

What are some ways to get leads:

* Article Marketing -the best way! 1 article a day submitted to 6 sites= 6 fishing hooks a day leading to your website!
* Forums: a note: participate.Don’t spam the forums with ads!Use a signature file!
* Search Engines
* Solo Ads
* Safelists
* Traffic Exchanges
* Text Ads
* Riciprocal linking – link exchanging with other websites.
* One way backlinks
* Directories
* Social Networking: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. THIS IS BIG -if you’re not doing it, you’re missing a ton of potential leads!!!
* Blogging: THIS IS ANOTHER BIG ONE! “Blogging for traffic!!!”

Imagine if you had a link back to your website from all those sites above?Imagine, writing several articles, classified ads, etc every day, then submitting them to the appropriate places?

It wouldn’t be long, before you’d have leads streaming in and your website might just be doing quite well in the search engines!

Of course, if you have the budget, after your website is up(I mean a domain name and website, not an affiliate link), there are various traffic experts you can pay for a package where they will write articles, ads and other copy for you and in other words, do all the dirty and time consuming work for you.”

However, if you’re starting out on a shoe-string budget, you’ll have to do it all yourself – but, you’ll learn a lot in the process and then you’ll be the “expert” and may somebody will pay you to help them!

By the way, that’s another feature of “Attraction Marketing” I forgot.Once people see you as “the expert” they’ll be coming to you and asking you for a solution to their problem and maybe even asking how they can join YOUR business!

Richard Bligdon is an OnlIne Business coach helping people to learn how to use Attraction Marketing , a Funded Proposal and Sales Funnel to make money on the front end to fund their advertising,qualify their leads and sell their primary business on the back end.

Take the $1.00 for a 14 day trial …MLM Lead Generation System.Prove it to yourself
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