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#1 Mistake When Building Targeted Email List

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Posted 25th November 2009 at 07:21 AM by ivana

Most people make this one mistake when building their list, they don’t start with “niche of people” in mind. You should know that there are only 3 essentials needed for you in order to build targeted email list! Those are: Targeted Niche Of People, A Free Offer they Cannot Refuse and an offer that lives up to the reputation! It really is that simple!

Targeted Niche Of People

Ok, lets say your niche of people were article marketers. You need to know what issues they have. How to write less articles BUT get more traffic! Or maybe an issue is How to skyrocket your article page rank. How to get backlinks to your articles fast etc, how to write articles that convert at 50%!

When you have audience in mind, the rest is easy!

A Free Offer
So ok…If you are working only on targeted email list, it is essential to get an offer they cannot refuse. Now this offer has to be as good as any paying product! For example, if I was an article marketer, I am willing to spend money on backlinks, I am willing to pay to find out how to get article to get on the first page of Google, so if the offer is free, you are going get ONLY targeted email list leads, cause a person who is into PPC will probably not sign up for an offer like that!

The Offer Itself
Now, it is not only good to get them to sign up. You have to deliver on the promise. Let’s say you have promised them to be on the first page of Google in 24 Hours and stay there, you have to provide them with the exact strategy on how to do exactly that! So it has to be a strategy that works!

Do you see how easy it is to actually do that? Now the only thing left to do is drive targeted leads to you squeeze page, in order to build targeted email list! Do you know who they are in this example? Of course article marketers ;-)

And in the case you are stuck on the technical part…And if you are using that as an excuse NOT to build a list… ;-) I know I've been there....Just get a Free Copy from Niche Marketing Camp and you will solve that problem as well! Not only will you learn the “technical stuff” you will also get the exact formula to use to get into the right niche!
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