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Unique Kind of Affiliate Success Story With a Little Out of The Box Thinking

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Posted 27th February 2010 at 09:05 AM by ivana

I just wished to share with you just a minor achievements, and while I'm naming this affiliate success story, you may see that it can be partially online marketing success story and partially out on the box believing. So let's get began!

For those people of you who know me you also know that I've immigrated from Former Yugoslavia in 1997 to US. I was only 18 years old, and understood little bit of English and now I can admit it really was terrible English. Most people would consider someone like that, without college degree can't get far, but my life experience will prove you completely wrong. So I really do not want to bore you to death with how everything went for me, let's fast forward thirteen years later!!

During this time, I did get my degree! Inside these 13 years, I've run a productive 6 figure earnings organization *until real estate crash, I managed to get married (LOL) to one fantastic man as well and we have a daughter and a son together, and for 3 years I've been working hard at extremely productive small business in "Internet Marketing/affiliate marketing world"!


It is important to mention, it has not been “quick and easy”. I had weeks where I made tone of cash and many weeks, where I made only couple of hundred dollars. The bottom line was, I had been attempting to do everything by myself and it was killing me. So I ended up creating a really excellent strategic biz move and partnered with Alex Williams! We both possess the exact same working habits, and are putting into this enterprise 110% of our efforts.

Now, since I have given you a bit of a background on me, here is that affiliate success story!

You see, working online, it is a totally new environment. You end up performing so much and you learn so much. So for a number of months, with all the recession and all, I kept on hearing individuals complain everywhere. Nonetheless it hurt so considerably that my close loved ones and pals were also being impacted by it. The problem was getting out of hand as 3 families were now without income.

You might be almost thinking, Ivana, get them into online marketing and advertising. The point is, I could have gotten them into affiliate marketing and advertising, but the fact is, they're terrible at writing in English , and it would take them a minimum of 2-3 many weeks to get some accomplishment and also the greatest dilemma is, that not every single one of them are in United states, so paypal payouts would be a problem!

So it was Thursday when I talked to them and I kept on hearing the complaint from most of them, and I knew they genuinely wanted to work and generate their living. They were not begging for money, but for the strategy to make some. So in three days that followed I used it to ponder, how can I help! They would be embarrassed if I offered them cash and would not resolve everything by it, I just wanted to discover an easy method for them to earn their living. So I built a strategy to offer a service based business. You see, they all had enough computer abilities to work around the support type biz, I just needed to figure out what kind!

So by Monday soon after a discussion with my partner, we started building Link Dominators Web site. Essentially a site that gives 1 way backlinks. Needless to say, they needed instruction and we had to train them, but they did not mind. Of course, knowing us, we were considering large scale business and we ended up obtaining couple of more people to work on this. And the best of all, just two weeks later we were in business.

The reason I wrote this affiliate success story it to tell you that money can be earned online. There are many ways to do it, and Alex and I managed to build a service based business and help 6 more people earn their living online. Personally, it is a new kind of success for both of us!
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    Hey I really loved this story of inspiration and success. My parents came to this country Australia from Malta and he has a very successful business in kitchen manufacturing, He never feed me with money and so I had to go and learn how to do it myself.
    Posted 3rd December 2011 at 12:17 AM by linkservice linkservice is offline

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