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What you wished you knew before you start doing online business?

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Posted 12th September 2015 at 02:28 AM by Jackson Tan

Good morning my friends and loves <3 I been here for 3 weeks! Wow.. time flies. Looks like my "Home Alone" adventure may end soon but it is definitely a great experience!

Today, I am inspired by Gerald Soh's blog post on "Five Things That Nobody Told You About Making Money Online" and decided to write my own version of "What you wished you knew before you start doing online business?"

#1 The money is in the list!!
All marketers could probably tell you that,"The money is in the list! The money is in the list!" Some will go deeper and say, "The money is in the relationship with the list!" That's definitely true. There are many ways to build a list and after having the list, you constantly communicate with the list of subscribers to understand their needs and problems so that you can offer a solution to them and help them! This is one thing I wishes I would understand and knew when I first started out! With a list, then you would be able to generate long term income. With a list, that's when your income is scalable.

#2 Focus Focus Focus!
There are tons of ways that you can make money from the internet. Literally, so many innovative ways and methods. However, stick to one proven method and focus on it. As internet is an open space, you are bound to encounter "whats seems to be an easier" way to make money online. However, the truth is that if it was easy, anyone would be doing it. Instead of hopping around different methods. Focus on one and make it big! I went from HYIP to PPC to Article Marketing to SoloAds to PPC and back to SoloAds. Don't make the same mistake as I did! Focus on one PROVEN method and work on it. It is already proven and hence it just depends on how fast you can succeed. Endure my friend!

#3 Content is King, Marketing is Queen and Consistency is the new Prince
Yes, this is what I painfully discovered after being in and out of the industry for 10 years. Now, I am determined to make it this time and not making the same old mistake! Internet marketing or online business is usually about information. Creating valuable content that benefits the community is great start to promote your brand. However, in order to promote, you need to market it. More importantly, you need to do both consistently.
My mastermind group like to ask this question"What have you done today to get new subscribers to your list?" In short, have you done your daily blog post (content) and distribute it on social media (marketing) and doing it daily (consistency)?

#4 It is NOT EASY
I repeat again. It is not easy as it looks. But after some time, it will be when you become more efficient and get better at it. This is BUSINESS. Real business requiring real effort. Sorry for repeating this so many times as I felt that you really need to drill this into your mind. Even while I was doing article marketing, I was writing 3 articles and day and spinning them and then distributing them on various directories. I was writing on a topic which I have no knowledge about! Feel my agony? Internet marketing is a great way to start your own business so that you can pursue your dream lifestyle but it is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. The only get-rich quick-schemes I known are either lottery, gambling or even insurance payout! It will not be easy but if you give up. Then, that's the end of it.

I hope you like what I have shared today. Feel like to drop any comments and let me know what you think.

Break Free .. Be Happy
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