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Personal Productivity for Online Marketers: How to Beat Procrastination with the 5 Minutes Dash

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Posted 9th February 2010 at 07:25 AM by Jag82

Ever put off something you wanted to do?

Maybe it's because you felt lazy or just the thought of putting in a substantial shift to clear the workload puts your off.

Whatever your reason may be, I'm sure we all have our moments of procrastination.

You tell yourself, "Okay. I will get it done and over with tomorrow".

But what often happens? The next day, you find another excuse to skip the task. And you tell yourself the same thing to justify your laziness. That you will get it done by tomorrow.

And so it drags. The next day becomes yet again the next day and the next...

Make no mistakes about it.

Procrastination can be deadly especially when it concerns critical business activities. Activities such as forming crucial joint ventures, driving traffic, split testing and so on.

You are just denying yourself the opportunity to further develop your business.

After all, if money loves speed, you are surely not doing yourself a favor by dragging your feet.

As John Reese says, “Movement over meditation”. Just get something moving.

So the question is - how to beat procrastination”

Here's an easy and painless solution - the 5 minutes dash!

First, ask yourself this. Can you just take out 5 minutes of your time to do the upcoming task at hand?

I'm not asking you to take 1 hour or even 30 minutes. Just 5 minutes to get going. Surely you can set aside 5 minutes right?

Then GO! Get started! Take out 5 minutes to do it. Bam! It’s over before you know it,

Congratulations! You have taken a small but progressive step forward. Now you are moving.

See, it's isn't that difficult after all right?

Once we break down the whole process into the smallest unit, it's no longer that intimidating.

And once you build up the momentum, you won't want to stop! Even if you stop at some point, you have at least achieved something. And that's a foundation you can build from.

Rinse and repeat. 5 minutes start off. And keep going. Take a short rest after every 30 minutes and then get back to serious focused work again.

If you can implement this easy routine, I guarantee you that your business and personal productivity will skyrocket.

Yes, you can beat the dreaded procrastination disease!

For more information on personal productivity specially for online marketers, go here:

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