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Bounce rate and how to reduce website bounce rates:

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Posted 21st August 2011 at 11:29 AM by jaiganeshv

Bounce rate: Its one fantastic data from Google analytics that helps webmasters the most than any other data.

It is the % of visitors that simply leave your website without actually visiting any other page except the gateway page, the page where he landed, mostly the gateway page is the home page.

These % of visitors spend less than 5 seconds in your website and leave without visiting any other page.

When you run a PPC campaign like Adwords, You should be aware of the % not exceeding, Keep a tab on this % and make sure it gets improved with your campaign changes.

Surprisingly, this blog jaiganeshv.com has a 0% bounce rate until last week. Provide quality and unique content and you can achieve the 0% bounce rate. When your blog or website is not updated often and if it has outdated info. the visitor simply closes your site from its gateway page.

Keep your blog updated to reduce bounce rate.

Another technique to reduce bounce rate is having a video in your landing page, having videos have greatly reduce bounce rates for myself. The additional 10-15 seconds users spend on your pages make the difference and related video above the fold helps user stay for more time on your pages which also reduces bounce rate when users navigate to other pages

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Thank you
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