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Over-hyped WSOs - Suggestions for Gullible Newbies

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Posted 13th November 2011 at 06:30 AM by James Kenton

I'm seeing more and more negative comments about WSOs ... members thinking they're being duped by clever sales copy and under-performing material.

So what can you do about the over-hyped rubbish?

First - and this is important - ask for a refund when it’s appropriate. Sound, ethical marketers have no problem with refunds. They’d rather give you the chance to review an item and give a refund if it’s not quite right for you than have you not try it at all. It gives them the opportunity to prove that they can be trusted to refund quickly which makes it more likely you’ll buy from them another time. Less ethical marketers exploit the fact that many unhappy buyers never get around to asking for a refund. Refund apathy encourages the production of rubbish.

Second stop buying WSOs! Or at least be selective. Pause. Study. Reflect. Read the reviews (let other people test them for you!). Work out the balance of opinions. Take the sales copy for what it is - something carefully designed to induce emotional states in which you are likely to buy. Learn from it - studying the copy could make you a lot of money one day.

Third don't buy a WSO just because some 'guru' recommends it. Consider how much you trust your guru. Do they know what you need? Do they know your skill level? Just because your guru - who is a skilled Internet Marketer - thinks a WSO is great doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Remember: they will usually be earning affiliate commissions from their mailings - which might just influence their recommendations!

Next stop being motivated by the dimesale. It costs money to run a business and if you need to pay $17 rather than $7, well that’s life. The ethical job of the dimesale is to give newbie WSO producers a chance to get some sleep! The low price encourages the first few purchases. The dimesale system let's the newbie go to bed knowing that if the WSO turns out to be popular the price will automatically rise and they will end up with a fair income. However the reason why it’s often used is because a lot of people are motivated by the ‘Scarcity Mentality’ that Robert Cialdini describes in Chapter Seven of his famous book. A dimesale will make emotional buyers buy. Don’t fall for emotional buying.

Finally adjust your attitude. They are only $17! What do you expect for $17?! So occasionally they are amazing but normally they'll provide just one or two good ideas that can be usefully added to your existing business. One good idea could help you make hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of extra sales. There are some pretty rubbish WSOs knocking around too. For those, refer to my First point above.

To your success,

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