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Refunds on WSOs --> Lesson: Study the Guarantee!

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Posted 8th August 2012 at 07:34 AM by James Kenton

The Warrior Forum is a really mixed bag of people.

We all have varying levels of knowledge, abilities and aspiration. Some of us make a full-time living, others may be just starting out and have yet to make their first dime; while others are making fortunes!

It's obvious that someone launching a WSO is going to give as little actual detail about their method or system as possible - filling their sales letters with idealized outcomes and benefits. If they didn't, few would buy.

Today someone is publicizing the fact that a seller has blacklisted him after he requesting a refund. The WSO's guarantee states that the buyer must take certain actions to qualify for a refund (but you really have to hunt for it - and it differs from JV Zoo's policy as stated on the payment page).


The seller has lost at least one sale (mine) for his attitude. It's a trust thing.

When we obscure the money making system that we are selling in a WSO it is very likely that some of those who buy will have been persuaded by the sales copy but will then find that the WSO doesn't offer anything new. Some buyers will be more experienced than the WSO creator and will 'know' that the system has flaws. Others will just feel that they are unable to follow the system for some financial, technical or logistical reason. For all such people a refund is absolutely appropriate.

We can flick through a book in a bookstore before deciding to buy. The first chance we get to 'flick through' a WSO is when the download arrives. The guarantee on a downloadable product is offered in place of our ability to check out the material before we buy.

To my mind a refund within the terms of the guarantee should always be given with good grace and a 'thank you' for trusting us enough to make the purchase in the first place. The goodwill alone that this attitude generates is well worth the cost.

I know that many WSO sellers complain about the 'freebie seekers' who constantly buy, keep and then get a refund. And that's frustrating. They also increase one's chance of being banned by PayPal for having a high refund rate. I'm afraid that you just have to accept such people as part of playing the game. Stores have shoplifters - we have people who keep and refund. In my opinion the WSO 'blacklist' button, if used at all, is there for serial offenders.

So bottom line: if you think you might need a refund find and read the guarantee and buy only if you are happy to be bound by it.

Yours - in my funny little ideal world,

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