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7 *KILLER* Ways To Dominate Your Affiliate Market

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Posted 2nd March 2009 at 06:09 PM by JamesFrancisIM

When promoting other people’s products or services, sometimes you may run out of ideas, and then wonder…

“Why are they getting more sales than me?”

Well, my friend… I’ll tell you a little secret. Not everyone is ‘in’ on the correct affiliate marketing methods to use, as they are mostly kept secret by the so called “Gurus”.

Not any more.

Here are 7 *KILLER* ways to dominate your affiliate market and work your way through the competition, ultimately producing massive commissions!

1) Offer discounts for the package to your customers.
Or, if it’s a small commission payout, offer a percentage. If you cannot negotiate this with the manager of the product you’re promoting, ask your customers to send you their payment proof so you can refund the discount value directly to their account.

2) Offer bonuses.
These bonuses should outweigh the cost of the affiliate product with pure value. Because, if you offer every product seperately, it’s seen as less value and will produce fewer sales anyway. Ideas include - video courses, unreleased e-books, free access to special events (including seminars and workshops), swipe files, etc.

3) Review websites.
We’ve all seen them at times of product launches. And they DO work. So why not make your own?

You shouldn’t make it blaitently obvious that you’re promoting it… In fact you should list a few bad points here and there too, but DEFINATELY outweigh them with good points. Go in-depth into the product, explaining EVERYTHING there is to know, even with hints at some of the content sections to excite the reader. Basically give them what other review sites or affiliates wouldn’t.

The review should end on a positive conclusion, followed by your affiliate link (which would be cloaked by a forwarded URL, such as YourWebsite.com/affiliateproductname, or even a tinyURL link used with anchor text).

4) Pay-Per-Click.
THE ultimate form of affiliate advertising. Due to the short-term nature of hyped product launches, there is little time for proper SEO to come into effect. This is easily sorted with Pay-Per-Click services such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

If you’ve followed point 3 above about a review website, advertise it on PPC, as you can make it seem shocking by introducing a shocking headline such as… “PRODUCT NAME… A SCAM?!?!”. And then obviously prove it isn’t in your review website. Another popular headline is “Don’t Buy PRODUCT NAME Until You’ve Read This!”.

5) Article submissions.
Similar to a review website, submit USEFUL articles, i.e. articles which are packed with VALUE, about the niche in which the product is located. If useful information isn’t provided, then the article submission websites will not accept your article due to the in-your-face spam.
At the end of this article, conclude by relating the post topic to the product, with a link to either your affiliate link (if allowed), or your review website which would be used for further reading.

6) Forum posts.
This is probably the hardest method to use, as it requires skill and patience, as you tiptoe around the rules.

Search with Google for forum topics containing the product you’re promoting (as no doubt there will be some from sceptical visitors), and post replies to all of them, referring to your review website or article if they would like more information on the product. However, please read the rules of the individual forum before following this advice, as some forums are very strict on it.

Also, another method could be to use Direct Marketing on the forums, i.e. send a private message to the users related to the forum post, explaining how you have inside information about the product.

7) Make a promotional video.
Now I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my god, that sounds technical! I can’t do that!”. Don’t worry, it isnt. All you need is screencasting software (such as Jing), and a microphone.

This video could either be showing a preview of inside the package (with prior permission from the launcher of the product, explaining what you’ll use the video for), or even a talk from you giving immensely valuable tips/secrets related to the niche, and then offering a special discount or limited time offer at the end of the video.

Also, you could make a viral video. One thing i’ll always remember is Michael Cheney’s videos promoting a launch, as it contained HUMOUR. He made it seem as though it was against the law to be showing you a preview (which was advertised as an “illegal video”, whereas what the reader didn’t know was that permission was granted beforehand anyway), but this stuck in people’s heads and people willingly passed it on to each other as a source of ENTERTAINMENT, instead of a video which they may find useful.

The best thing is… you can put all of these tips into practice RIGHT NOW!


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See You There!
- James.
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