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Seasonal Marketing - Here's How...

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Posted 14th April 2009 at 08:05 AM by JamesFrancisIM

I recently did a live seminar on seasonal marketing and how to use tactics to drive people to your website to sign up/opt-in or buy your product or service. Here are a few keynotes...

So what is seasonal marketing?
Seasonal marketing is the concept of advertising your product or service in a different way depending on the time of the year, relating it to real life events and maybe even creating your own. For example, planting easter eggs around your website for visitors to find, etc.

But why do seasonal marketing?
While you're hosting the seasonal event and they're taking part in it, they're exposed to your product. Even if it's a blog, you'll have your product down the side of every page to grab their attention mid-way through their adventure.

Also, it keeps people coming back for more, which is what counts as people are exposed to your product more and more.

Here's a case study, referring back to the IMPM Killer Easter Bunnies event (for easter). I created the story that "killer easter bunnies" had invaded my members area and "dropped Easter eggs" around the website. The visitor's mission was to find these Easter eggs to be entered into a draw to win some real life chocolate easter eggs for free, with no Shipping or Handling (an offer they couldn't refuse). I did this by having stock images of Easter eggs and coding them with a hyperlink so that when clicked, a new window would open and they would have the chance to submit their entry.

Now, this is the most crucial part.

If you do this on your blog or website, make it so that they need to submit their name and e-mail address to be entered. This then adds them to your list, and you then have another subscriber. Obviously don't forget to state below the form that by pressing submit they agree to be added to your list.

Finally, for the IMPM killer Easter bunnies event, the most important stage of the adventure was that they had to sign up to my members area (for a free 7 day trial) to be able to take part in the event. Even after the event has finished, i've still got those members loving my content and paying for my service.

However, don't restrict this just to your website!
Another method you could use to improve this is to change your social networking photos to include the time of year. For example, on St. Patricks day, have a photo of yourself wearing a green hat and a four leaf clover somewhere in the photo.

Not only this, but change your one time offer pages too. For example, at Christmas write your copy so that it puts across the message that "Santa Claus has bought you a special gift" instead of it just being you who's blatently advertising. This has seen to increase conversions big style.

In summary...

The whole key to this is to BE DIFFERENT. People will talk about you and your event, which will make your product and event go viral.

As well as this, it's also an excuse to give stuff away. People love free stuff, and doing this gets you recognised as a leader within your niche and recommended to other potential customers.

- James.

P.S. If you liked this content, there's a whole load more available for free inside my members area at the following address:
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