Naturally, this blog is going to be about how to make money online. What else would I be writing about here? There's no plan or purpose though. Just a place to share some insights every now and then when I've got more to say than I can fit in a forum post.
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How To Make Money Fast From Home

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Posted 27th February 2009 at 10:43 PM by JamesMSpacey
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Using the internet is the fastest and easiest way to start to make money from home. Of the many ways available, I’ve compiled the 5 easiest and most legitimate ways to make money on the internet. They are:

1. Make money selling information
2. Make money from affiliate marketing
3. Make money selling on eBay
4. Make money from freelance writing
5. Make money from share trading.

I’ve personally tried all of these ways of making money online and some others, but these five methods are easily the best way of making money online easily and consistently from home.

1. Make Money Selling Information

This is the first easy way to make money online fast. People use the internet for a number of different reasons but it would probably be safe to say that the majority of internet users search for information at some stage if not consistently. Learning to make money online is really just learning to solve people's problems. Finding out what people want to know and then making that information available is doing just that.

To make money selling information online you’ll need some form of website. This could take the form of a website that you’ve built yourself, paid someone to build for you, or you could even start with a free blog from somewhere like or You could even use the blog on your MySpace page or another online community, though these platforms aren't as conducive to being used to make money.

You can make money selling information online in a number of forms. The easiest way is to write an ebook. Many ebooks sold online range from only 20 pages through to several hundred pages. Depending on the subject you’re writing about your ebook may be of great value even without being very long.

You might start writing an ebook on something you have lot of experience, interest or education in. Are you a mechanic? Have you travelled the world? Have you spent your career in marketing or education? It wouldn’t be had for you to write an ebook detailing your experience or knowledge in the subject and providing that information for people searching online.

Another easy way to make money selling information online is by producing videos. These are also easy to make and post online. For example, if you were a mechanic you could film yourself demonstrating how to fix a fuel line in a certain model of car. Then you would charge people a small fee to watch the video. You could make a whole series of videos about a subject and the more content you can provide the higher its value. Videos are especially valuable because there is a lot of free text based information online. The rarity of video training increases its value, and your ability to make money from doing it.

To make money selling information you will need some way to collect payment from your customers. This could be as easy as setting up a free Paypal account or using an agency site like For those who are looking for something more advanced and more lucrative, a membership site can be a way to make money in the form of recurring monthly cash flow, provided you are willing to update it regularly with new content.

2. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply a version of selling something online except it allows you to skip the product creation stage and make money fast. Instead of creating your product you simply ‘affiliate’ yourself with someone who is already able to make money selling something. Many people will offer a commission to you if you refer visitors to their website. When the referral makes a purchase or signs up as a member you get paid. You can collect fees from hundreds and thousands of websites with affiliate programs and they are easy and free to join. Being able to make money from affiliate marketing was pioneered by and is also used extensively by and The number of ways to make money online fast with affiliate marketing are endless.

3. Make Money Selling on EBay

Learning how to make money selling on eBay is the third easy way to make money online fast. EBay is free to join and you generally only pay fees to EBay if and when you sell something. Many people could find $1000s of unwanted items around their house these could be sold online quickly and easy for quick cash. Infact. millions of people make money selling on EBay as a full-time online business. They do this by finding things at garage sales or buying wholesale and they even use EBay to make money selling information and to conduct affiliate marketing! Talk about an all purpose platform for being able to make money online! I’ve done it myself and continue to do it often to make money online quickly.

4. Make Money From Freelance Writing

If you love to write or you are a skilful designer, you can make money online by tendering your services to people who don't have the time or inclination to do it themselves. is just one example of the many websites where people tender for work that others need. Freelance writing is an easy way to make money online. Some of the types of jobs outsourced to freelance writers include: website design, graphic design, writing articles and newsletters, marketing promotions, press releases, emails and even longer technical books. I’ve outsourced work to freelance writers many times for my online business and have paid $1000s for some complex jobs. I then make money by selling the information that these freelance writers create for me! This is just an extension of being able to make money online selling information you create yourself.

5. Make Money From Share Trading

Share trading used to be something that you could only do if you had a good stockbroker, but now it’s easier to just set up your own online share trading account. These accounts come with hundreds of analytical tools available to help you make money trading the market and it can be done easily from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Most banks have online trading accounts that you can sign up for if you have a savings or cheque account and they provide you with large amounts of day trading credit. This means that you only need to settle the balance left in your account at the end of the day. If you make money online this way you can even have the money credited directly to your bank account in as little as 3 days. You just need to make sure you know something about the stock market.

Selling information, affiliate marketing, selling on EBay, freelance writing and share trading are fast easy ways to make money online from home. I hope there’s something here for you and that you’ll be successful.
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