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Naturally, this blog is going to be about how to make money online. What else would I be writing about here? There's no plan or purpose though. Just a place to share some insights every now and then when I've got more to say than I can fit in a forum post.
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What is it that separates the 'gurus' from the 'anti-gurus'?

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Posted 19th March 2009 at 03:44 PM by JamesMSpacey
Updated 30th September 2010 at 06:27 AM by JamesMSpacey (Update)

In a word...


I'm a bit tired of the growing 'anti-guru' campaign that is getting so much momentum in the make money online niche. Sure there are some pretty outrageous promises (or implied promises) about how to make money fast on the internet... But, surely, living in 2009 we've come to be able to recognize hype for what it is...

If the anti-gurus spent as much energy and time working on building a solid internet marketing business as they spend complaining about how hard done by they think they are they'd be rich by now...

The 'gurus' got to be where they are now because they did something. And did it again and again. And when I talk about repeated action I'm not just referring to jumping around and buying everything that makes the slightest promise of some miracle source of riches.

The problem is that a real 'anti-guru' cult seems to be developing in the internet marketing niche. I just did a search on Google for "internet marketing and anti-guru" and there were 1,560 sites listed and products being actively marketed to this movement with titles like 'Guru Slayer' and 'Guru Assassin'.

So why is everyone so mad at the gurus and so convinced everything written and produced about internet marketing is a scam?

The anti-gurus have a few problems, but not least of which seems to be the inability to consistently follow the instruction that they pay so much for. I think it's as simple as that. I've was there for a short time in the beginning of my journey, but luckily I learned quickly that there is no easy golden path to online business success and wealth.

It takes a solid plan, lots of research, consistent doses of prolonged hard work, patience and a bit of luck. And its takes a lot of time and often money - which is where the anti-gurus seem to always bail out and why they get so angry.

No one's going to hand them success on a golden platter. Haven't they woken up to this yet?

I don't think the guru's are to blame.

Presumably the anti-gurus would disagree.

I mean sure, there's some pretty average ebooks out there being sold for $97 and sales pages are rife with falsified Clickbank screen-shots...

But seriously, if you were sold on a product because of wild promises and found it didn't live up to what you were told, then you should have just filed for a refund and moved on. What I don't have sympathy for is when someone buys into a story about how much money someone made with a 'system' and then didn't put in the hours to apply the system (and yes it takes hours and hours and hours), and then complains 4 weeks later that it didn't 'work'.

I hate to break it to any anti-gurus out there, but it's generally not the system that has to work. It's you!

The gurus (and many other successful internet marketers who aren't in the business of teaching it) are making money with internet marketing whether you like it or not - and that alone should satisfy you that internet marketing can be a very profitable business.

The gurus understand that you need to make a considerable investment in time and money to succeed and they perceive the value of that success and have pursued it vigorously.

Maybe it's about time the 'anti-gurus' considered doing a bit more to actively follow the example set by successful internet marketers and a little less complaining about how hard done by they've been.
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