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Niche Article Directories - What they are all about

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Posted 23rd December 2009 at 01:20 PM by jamiedolan
Updated 28th December 2009 at 08:54 PM by jamiedolan (rewrite / proofed)

I recently created a Market Article Directory site that I spoke of in a prior post. I'd like to tell you more about the reasons I created this site from a marketing stand point and share some of my plans going forward.

There are many web sites that are well know article directories; here are a few examples:

The article directories of this nature, (at least the ones that are done well), serve a purpose for the end user. They bring together a collection of valuable articles in a way that makes it easy for the end user to find what they are looking for. Article directories can be a very valuable tool when looking for industry specific information, as it is a place where many experts often share details about their business and industry.

Posting articles in these directories is also of benefit to the author of the article. Most article directories will allow a link back to the authors site, which can generate traffic and improve search engine rank. Writing articles that are published in a public directory also helps in establishing creditability for a new author and his business.

From the standpoint of the owner of the article directory, there are several things that one can hope to accomplish. One option is to build enough traffic to your site, which in turn allows you to sell advertisements. A secondary benefit promotes mailing lists; the article site can be a great way to recruit people to your mailing list. Once you have a relationship with these people, you can sell to them later. You can also charge for premium placement or other advanced features on your site once you have a larger directory. As I pointed out above, there are many general article sites on the Internet, numbering in the thousands.

If you're considering putting together an article directory I suggest finding find a niche market. With the site that I am currently developing, I am focusing on the Internet Marketing and Small Business Marketing niche. This helps keep my directory focused and doesn't fill it up with a lot of general information that isn't of interest to my readers. I feel using this approach creates more value for the author of the article and for the reader, as the entire directory stays on topic.

I am going to be spending quite a bit of time refining and perhaps even creating more niche Article Directories over the next few weeks. My current site is in "Beta" for a short time yet, however I do have a form setup that will allow you to submit articles that you have written. I will include all quality articles in the directory, with live links to your home page. This is the address to submit an article:

http://www.internetmarketingbusinessarticles/submit-article/ Please do keep in mind that this is a niche market site, and I will only be able to accept articles related to marketing.

If you have articles that you have written, I suggest that you choose some of the top directories, such as the ones mentioned at the beginning of this post, and submit your articles there. I recommend that you choose around the top 5 directories. In addition to that, I suggest that you find several nice directories in the area that you are looking to do business in. For example, if you're in the Internet Marketing business, then my article directory would be a good place to submit your article . You can choose to submit your article to as many sites as you like, however it can be time consuming and after a certain point, your will not see as much return on your investment (the investment of your time). When deciding which directories are best suited to your submissions, here are a few questions you may ask yourself.

1. How many articles are on the site? (more articles indicates that it is either a more established site or that someone has taken the time to gather, gain permission, format and publish the articles. Either way, when you see an article directory that has more than a few hundred articles, you know that the person running it is putting in some serious effort.)

2. What is the sites Google Page rank and the sites Alexa rank? (These can be helpful, but keep in mind new sites may not have and page rank listing show up for 3 or more months. Some people also feel that Alexa rankings can be very inaccurate. My opinion is that if a site is well established (more than 6 months) that I would really like to see that site in the top 100,000 sites or better.

3. Look at the quality of the site in general. Are the articles formatted well; do links work? Any article site is going to have a error here and there, but if the majority of the article looks very poor in quality, that maybe a sign that the articles were scraped off the internet and put there automatically.

Thanks for reading.

Jamie Dolan
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