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The Panda Loaded the Gun & the Penguin Pulled the Trigger

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Posted 31st May 2012 at 01:54 PM by Jamus McKenna

OK so back in time before the Penguin update Google didn't punish people for not mixing up their anchor text. So people didn't list to the "smart ones" (That doesn't include me btw!) who said add "click here" and "check out this site" as anchor text so you could build natural looking back links.

Boy do people wish they listened now! :p

Yes, Google likes diverse back links to your site but what your need is to provide RELEVANT diverse back links.

The relevancy of the back links far out weights the power of the diversity.

Basically Google has learned that us marketers have "done evil" by manipulation the holy trinity of G search rankings, they are mad and now they want revenge.

So what separates a "real" website and one that has been manipulated by the evil dooers?

Simple: Enthusiasm!

It's what I have termed (just now) the "Google Enthusiastic" phase.

You will see sites where people have a passion and are enthusiastic about what they are talking about now ranking really well. (Check out "Garmin Forerunner 305", a high competitive term and see what now ranks with Amazon and Garmin sites - it's some guys blog who is a running enthusiast.)

So what makes a sight an enthusiasm site?

Lets take "SLR cameras" for example. If you have ever met anyone remotely interested in SLR cameras you know they can bore the life out of you talking about them BUT they don't talk about "the best price" or where to get a "great discount. What the SLR camera enthusiast is talking about is lenses, flashes, shutter speeds, pixels, tripods etc etc

If you think about it logically it makes perfect sense. Enthusiastic people focus on what they are passionate about rather than "how can I monetize this site?"

I believe it is Googles goal to force us to be passionate and ethical about what matters to us rather then how to make money "cheating" where our site ends up in the search engines.

The writing was on the wall before even the Panda update, Google have always stated "don't be evil" and a lot of us didn't listen.

No we are all looking over our shoulders worried that the next knock on the door will be a Penguin with a loaded gun.
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