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It's Easy To Stay Positive When ...

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Posted 27th August 2009 at 07:45 AM by Jason Johns

There are a lot of people who talk about positive thinking and staying positive, and do you know what, it is easy to do.

When things are going well for you.

When you are healthy.

When you have money.

When you are not worrying about how to feed your children.

The real test of your positive nature comes when you face adversity. When things start going wrong. That is when it is not so easy for you to stay positive, but when you most need to stay positive.,

When things start to go wrong, when you lose your job or someone close to you is seriously ill, or you realise you can't feed your family, that's when you are truly tested to see just how committed you are to being positive.

Are you able to stay positive when things go wrong?

You may find you have a moment (or two) when it all gets on top of you and you can't cope, and that is fine. You are, after all, human and are allowed to feel a bit of despair. We all do it.

But when that moment is over, your fighting spirit comes back, you become positive again and you push back against the circumstances and make it work your way. You take the proverbial bull by the horns and make success happen.

I don't know all of you personally yet, but I know that adversity does strike. It strikes us all, and usually when we least expect it. It often happens just when we think things are all fantastic and happy, and then it hits us.

If you are facing adversity in your life, I'm not telling you to be positive and ignore the problems.

Tony Robbins said that positive thinking is like gardening. You can't weed your garden by pretending there are no weeds! You have to take action.

If you have a problem, being positive and pretending it isn't there isn't going to make it go away. It will still be there when you open your eyes and stop pretending.

Face the problem, stay positive as you are facing it and solve it in the best possible way for yourself and the people around you.

You can do it.

The universe doesn't send us problems that we can't handle. We may think they are unsurmountable, but they are not, we can overcome them.

Remember that thought as you face the problems in your life - the problems you have are there for a reason. What is it you are meant to learn from them?

Ask yourself the question, "What is good about this situation?" and it will help you to remain positive and overcome the problems you are facing.
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