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Web 2.0 Sucks

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Posted 30th January 2009 at 07:01 PM by Jason Moffatt

Wanna know something weird? That subject line...

"Web 2.0 S.u.c.k.s."

is one email that had some of the best open rates ever for me. Just figured I'd share that with you. No real reason. I just felt like typing it.

I wonder why so many people would open that email?

Truth is, I used to be very pessimistic about web 2.0 and social media. And, I still am.

And here's my problem.

I think most marketers are pushing it just because it "sounds sexy" and it's all popular and stuff. But truth be told, I still think marketing via web 2.0 is very hard for most people.


Because most people are boring.

And that's fine. There's nothing wrong with being boring if that is your style. Not everyone wants to be a entertaining ham in front of the camera.

However, if you're boring then all the social media in the world is still gonna be tough
for you. I hate to tell you that but it's true.

Wanna know something else?

I have no idea what this post is supposed to be about. Seriously, I'm just aimlessly typing.

Ohhhh yea...

Does Web 2.0 suck?

Nah, not really. But I personally am not a fan of spam masters abusing the hell out of it. I
tend to like quality info, laughter, and groovy pictures of fun stuff.

But few marketers actually use social media to be social. They are just trying to add some bullshit "value" just so they can hock their "value-less" crap to you later.

You know all that jive that people talk about "value this, and value that"?

It's a crock.

Value Schmmalue

It's just a ploy to pretend like they give a shit.

I'd love to see more true value from marketers in social media. Instead, I'll probably just keep perusing comedic idiots providing laughter.

Because that's value in my book.

I'd rather laugh then sit through 20 minutes of disguised content that leads to a horrible pitch of a product.

So no, Web 2.0 doesn't suck. Web 2.0 marketers just tend to not be very good and skew my impression of it.

But screw my opinion.

I'm sure you have your own. Maybe it's similar to mine. Maybe it's 180 degrees diametrically opposed. Either way, cool gravy. Cuz we all like cool gravy right?

Okay, okay, okay, at some point this post should have some type of purpose right?

Hmmmmm lemme think a second...

1 ....



Oh got it!

Come follow me on these Web 2.0 properties right after I told you they suck. hahahahhahahahhaha

Anyhow, I don't really add friends on Facebook very often. But many find me there and add me. I have a way to go before I hit the 5000 limit so wanted to give you a chance to befriend me via Facebook before I do totally fill up.

You can do that here.....

And I'm on Twitter at...

And I just started screwing around with Digg too.

You can see all the wacky things I Digg, and Digg them as well if you like.

Anyhow, enough of the ramble.

I got a house party to prepare for.

Cheers and Beers

Jason Moffatt

PS: In social media or web2.0 there is something I care about more then your business.

And that's YOU!

Keep it real.
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