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WordPress - How to Post Royalty Free Images Easier

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Posted 30th November 2016 at 06:25 PM by javrsmith

Posting images has been a pain with WordPress for years. Not any more!

FotoPress is here. Now you can find royalty-free images then edit and post them in seconds.

You pick an image from an authorized source, one that's public domain or that gives you usage rights. You are automatically compliant with copyrights.

Get FotoPress now and see what you have been missing.

WordPress has been missing the ability to easily handle royalty-free images for years. You had to find an image and make sure that your were safe to use it. You then had to download it. Edit. Crop. Upload. Then you were finally able to add it to a post. Not any more. Now the find/edit/post sequence is time-shortened to seconds. It's all in WordPress now with FotoPress. Check out the link above.

FotoPress works with public domain and free to use images. Post royalty-free images. There is no image fees. No copyright problems. Choose from libraries containing millions of images that you can use.
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