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How to do Network Marketing Online

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Posted 9th January 2016 at 01:40 PM by Jeff Burritt

Network Marketing is kind of an old school way to create residual income, but if you find a good opportunity and combine that with internet marketing you can still develop a great residual income. I have done this in several companies, but I'm currently promoting JeffBurritt.com/Money
Notice how I have a real branded blog site where I dedicate a page to my current network marketing income opportunity. I believe this is a real way to be up front and not try to hide behind a company's template lead capture page. I don't think that works well. It's best to be personal and sell the opportunity yourself.

Next, notice how I give people some information, but not all. Instead I give them a way to optin to learn more. This allows more people to decide for themselves if they want to hear more. Also, I can save time by only following up with people who are really interested, and not just bored looking around.
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