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Good Times in Life

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Posted 3rd June 2011 at 11:22 PM by Jeremy Barker

I thought about this morning writing my article about marketing tips, then I thought about not posting at all, then I thought I would post my morning.

I are currently taking a small weekend vacation at the beach with my family and my brothers family. We both have small children and they love each other very much. The funny thing is my brother married my wife’s sisters! So brothers married sisters. This makes our trips very good because we are not dealing with different families. We all can relate to each other. You are probably asking right now, “Why would I be posting this?” This is being posted because this is the most important thing to me. More important than marketing, more important than school, more important than anything that can take my attention is my family and spending quality time with them.

Today in the world we are so wrapped up in our day to day activities and just need to stop sometimes and spend time with the people that matter. Forget your business, forget your “busyness” for a weekend and spend time with the ones you love.

I thank God for my family and love the time that I get with them. We only live on this Earth once and God has given you the people around you. Be a blessing to you and they will do the same.

Do something great today for someone!

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