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"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well"

-Abraham Lincoln

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4 Ways to Get Prospects Interested.

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Posted 20th October 2011 at 05:26 PM by Jeremy Barker

In any business there are “prospects” that are needed. Why do so many people fail to get their prospects interested in their product? There are more ways than 4, but here are 4 Ways to Get Prospects Interested in what you are offering them.

1) Correctly target your market

Are you going to try to sell shoes to someone looking to buy a car? Or what about trying to sell someone furniture that may be looking to buy a Christmas present for their children? I don’t think so! A lot of “salesmen” today, both online and offline, work this way in trying to offer people what they do not want at that particular time. This happens by pushing their product upon them. Correctly target your market by searching for the person that would be interested in your product. If your selling the newest IPhone you need to find the market that is interested in the IPhone. These figures can be found with the help of the internet as we are in the technology age. Not being able to find your market is non sense. It may just take a little work.

2) Initiate Contact

Once you find your target market don’t just stand around waiting on someone to talk to you. Make the initial contact and conversation. Remember: you are trying to sell something and most products (especially in the beginning) will not sell themselves. There must be a sense of getting the information to the consumer. Reach out and meet people.

3) Ask the right questions

Once the conversation is started you must stimulate the prospects mind by asking questions. What problem does this person have that will be alleviated or lightened because of your product? Point out the problem and then give them the solution that they can get by purchasing your product. Be honest and be sincere. Don’t just ramble off information that the person wants to hear. Building your brand and a trustworthy name is very important for long term business and should not be wavered.

4) Constantly learn and work on yourself

Yes, you are trying to make a profit but how do you get better? You practice! Constantly work on yourself and how to sharpen your communication skills. Read articles, listen to mentors, take part in training that corresponds with what you are doing. Just as important as selling your product is knowing the right way to sell it. You could have the best product known to man but unless you can get that idea to the prospect it is worthless.
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