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-Abraham Lincoln

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8 Things That Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

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Posted 20th October 2011 at 05:27 PM by Jeremy Barker

Are you a true entrepreneur inside? Do you line up with these “8 Things That Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common?”

Successful entrepreneurs take consistent action to achieve their goals and finish what they start.
Successful entrepreneurs are open minded.
Successful entrepreneurs value integrity over speed and reputation over money.
Successful entrepreneurs see the best side of everyone and every situation.
Successful entrepreneurs understand that failure is part of growth.
Successful entrepreneurs take full responsibility for their decisions and their actions.
Successful entrepreneurs believe in themselves.
Successful entrepreneurs have a mentor.
All of these points are so true but I want to dial in on #8 for a minute. A point in which entrepreneurs miss a lot of times is having a mentor. My mentor is Andrew Cass and he helps me when I need some advice. A mentor has “been there and done that!” They have gone through different situations and scenarios and can help you through also. Not only do successful entrepreneurs have a mentor, they ARE a mentor for someone else. A true leader and entrepreneur gives back and has a desire to help others succeed.

So I ask you again….. Are you a true entrepreneur?
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