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"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well"

-Abraham Lincoln

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Stand Out From The Promise

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Posted 23rd October 2011 at 01:35 PM by Jeremy Barker

A very interesting topic today and that is “Stand Out From The Promises.”

There are promises all over the internet and almost every single site that someone clicks on they see messages such as: ”We’re #1 in customer service”, “We’re the best of the best”, “We can make you rich”, “We deliver top quality products for the best prices.” I could keep going all day and you could too. All of this sounds good but these messages are so generic and people would rather go to sleep than read these empty promises. (Most of the time that is what they are)

Why do so many businesses use the same old vague and plain messages in their marketing and advertising? There are a couple reasons that stand out:

1) The just don’t know any better.

Some companies don’t put in the resources that need to be put in to see what is working and what messages they need for their particular company and for their particular brand. A personal and unique brand is so important and must be put on a high priority list of “things to do in a business.”

2) They imitate their successful competitors.

A lot of companies watch competitors for tips on what is working for them. That is all good and everything and some of the strategies of competitors may work for you up to a certain extent but again this is not “your” brand for “your” company and if you use the same strategies you are just adding to the mixing pot. Be unique and make a statement for “your” company. Tell the customer why “your” business can help them more than the other. Stand out from the competition.

3) The effort is not put in.

Companies that do not see the significance of marketing and the statements and ads that they put out there will not be successful in this venue. There must be an emphasis on the marketing aspect of a company and it HAS to be more than statements of empty promises.

4) Most do not follow up with personal service

No matter what statements your business makes or what advertisements are put out there, follow up with personal service. Be honest and be sincere as if this is the last time you will ever speak to this person again. Tell them how you can help them and if they are not someone you can help with your business, recommend someone that can. This is what makes sales! Pure, down to earth leadership ability.
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