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"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well"

-Abraham Lincoln

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Simple Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

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Posted 12th July 2012 at 08:33 PM by Jeremy Barker

LinkedIn is an online platform like Facebook or MySpace with an emphasis on professionals. Most people do not take advantage of marketing and interaction through LinkedIn. There are a couple ways that you can take advantage of immediately to start generate leads and a buzz around your company and your offer.

Post Everyday

It is a proven fact that people do not post status updates on LinkedIn as often as they do on Facebook. There are people on LinkedIn looking for your offer and looking for “a” offer that fits what they are looking for. Do not be afraid or weary of posting daily to LinkedIn. This will draw leads as well as build your status on LinkedIn. By having your name, business, and offers flash across contacts screens as they look around LinkedIn, you gain credibility. It is also a fact that the more people see your name, the more that sticks in the minds of people. Besides posting just your offer of flashing your business in front of people, find good business related and informative articles and share these on your LinkedIn status updates. Creating and sharing good content is key to any type of internet credibility.

Join LinkedIn Groups

In the top navigation bar of LinkedIn there is a link to “Groups.” On LinkedIn you are allowed to join up to 50 different groups. Find groups that fit what your business and interests are and join them. Don’t only join them; it is important that you interact in these groups. Join discussions and be part of the group. Your goal should be to interact and provide feedback to these group discussions to the point where people know and expect to see your postings inside these groups. Again, gain credibility by your actions. This is networking and it works.

As mentioned before, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for anyone, especially the entrepreneur that has an offer they are trying to present to others. Make yourself known, provide quality content, and contribute. You will be very surprised at the results that you can get from these two simple strategies. Plus… You never know who you will meet and the opportunities that will present themselves in your business.

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