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"That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well"

-Abraham Lincoln

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The two evils: Success and Failure

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Posted 11th April 2013 at 06:32 PM by Jeremy Barker

I was recently at a university working on my Doctorate's and my instructor mentioned "The two evils: Success and Failure." When I first heard this I wondered the thought behind it. After a small amount of discussion it makes a lot of sense.


You may ask, "How is success" and evil? You may say, "Success is a wonderful thing" and may be a strong desire that pushes you to do better in life and your business or career path but if not handled correctly, success will destroy you. If someone has a great deal of success for an extended period of time and they start to get complacent with their success of if they start losing sight of being helpful to others, this success can change to very quickly. You see, success is based off of helping others and without this desire and motive to help others, it is easy to fall. Nobody on this Earth is too good or able to stay above the fall if they do not operate with a strategic plan. Does everyone always fall? No! They know how to handle success.


Failure is the other evil. You may think, "Failure is definitely evil." That's not the context that I am talking about. Failure can be "an" evil you if let it be. All people from all walks of life will fail at some point in throughout their life within some aspect. How do you handle failure? Most people that fail will stay down and will never get back up. If they do decide to get back up, they are weaker than before and can be easily taken down by the smallest issue again. Each time it can be harder and harder to get back up. The key is "resilience." No matter how many times you fail or how many times you get knocked down, the successful person will bounce back stronger than ever ready to make a difference. Learn from mistakes and move on. If you let failure keep you down, it will. Simply, don't let it.

How do you avoid the evil of "success" and the evil of "failure?"

Find that medium in which you are successful, making careful plans on future decisions, all while keeping others and the idea of helping others in your mind. Don't be high-minded of your success and don't let your failures keep you down. You have the ability to defeat both evils. Are you going to use the tools that you have or be defeated? Those are your options.
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