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If You Find Dominating Long Tail Keywords is Hard, This Should Make It Really Easy For You...

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Posted 20th February 2009 at 08:25 PM by jhongren


2 months ago, I did a niche blog and posted only 10 blog posts
with long tail keywords which I have researched on.

And I have never touched it for the last 1 month.

The results??

A moment ago, I did a check for a keyword which I was planning to

My blog is on page 1 of Google, Rank 6 and my Ezinearticle is ranked
on 25 on page 3. A search of the keywords revealed they are about
8,000,000 sites!!!

Of course, the aim is to rank well for page 1, preferably on #1 and #2
position. :p

* * *

Now I will share with you step by step on how you do the same thing.

I have heard from many that it is hard to grap the concept of article
marketing and most did not really make full use of it because they have
yet to understand the concept....some eventually give up on article
marketing and others end up splurging lots of money in churning
articles which are not effective...(I myself made this mistake
when I just started off article marketing too..paying few hundred
of dollars for articles that are not keyword optimised...)

I feel this info is going to be useful for you and help you to really understand
the power of article marketing. It is really simple and I will show you how.

And what you will be expecting from this post is you will learn
  1. how to quickly write a good article within a short time and
  2. how you should use the article to help you with your keywords domination.

> > >

1. Research:

Keyword research:

Find a profitable topic...one good resources is http://www.amazon.com/
and also http://www.google.com/trends

Your keyword research should have these 2 basic criteria:
1. more than 300 searches per month => https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
2. less than 20,000 competing sites when you do a google search in quotes. => use http://www.google.com/ and remember to put in quotes eg: "keyword"

Choose a long tail keyword and use it for your domain name.
keywordtips.com, howtokeyword.com, allaboutkeyword.com
*Remember you domain MUST have the long tail keyword in it.

How to write articles:

Depending on the niche you are doing, you can just
google. Google.com is the best place to do research.

For example, I want to write an article on coping with

I just google "tips on coping panic"

Then, I visit the first 5 related urls and take down
one key point or tip.

Then, I just form my own opinion and add any additional
new tip or advice I have.

* * *

2. Structure of article:

Remember you must have a title, an introduction
paragraph, a body,a conclusion and a resource box.

For title:

You are have simple titles like "5 tips to..."

Remember it must have a keyword which you are targeting

For first paragraph:

Always discuss a problem which your readers are facing
or will face and state that this article will show them
a way which they can solve it.

For Body:

You can always start off with tip 1, then tip 2...so
it is more organised and easy to read.

Always keep a paragraph short and sweet and at most
3 lines.

For last paragraph:

Do a round up and conclude the most important point
or tip.

For resource box:

Just write simple: To find out more tips on how you
can..., click here.... >>Your blog url here<<

or you can read more about the article >>here (your blog url)<<

Ensure you hyperlink the keyword you are targeting to
your blog or site.

* * *

After the articles get approved in EZA, set up squidoo lens
and submit the articles and link them back to your EZA.

Then, you should submit to social bookmarking sites using
socialposter.com and bookmark everything....

You can also use submit RSS feeds using RSSBot offered by BIG Mike
or any other RSS submitting software.

Rinse and repeat everything and that is all you need to do.

* * *

3. Automating it:

The key is to do your best to automate everything using softwares
or you can pay someone to do this for you while you make money
at the backend.

That is it! This is all to writing an article and leveraging on them
which will bring more targeted traffic to your blog/ site.

Of course there are other more advanced methods on article
marketing such as more backlinking from higher PR sites and so
on...but the key thing is to master the basic concept, practice
it, take actions and internalise them....then you will be able to
improve and move to higher level.

To your success!

Have a good weekend!

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    Man! Awesome article here - thanks so much for the information. Long tailed keywords are the go for sure. Thanks for your ideas.

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