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How To build a List Using Facebook?

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Posted 16th March 2012 at 08:56 PM by JieLim

Hey just sharing my experiences with building a list using facebook. Here's what has worked for me so far:

1.) Create a facebook page on a specific topic. Pages that have had good response were based on a hobby, interest or something that people are passionate about. (E.g. "I love golf", "I am Vegan"). Make sure you name the page carefully, as it forms the headline of your facebook Ad!

2.) Post some initial content to your page. This can be done easily by searching for pictures on Google and Youtube videos. Pictures that are funny, cute, controversial etc are good for the viral effect (many fans like it, which then shows up on their friends news feed). Post at least 5 videos and 5 pictures so that the page looks full.

3.) Create a custom tab for your facebook page, which is essentially a seperate page. There's many ways to do it, but a free way is available here.

4.) Put an opt-in box or a ConnectApp on the custom tab and giveaway something for free in exchange for their email. Aweber does have a facebook integration feature, so if you have aweber and put an opt-in box onto your custom tab, it will automatically fill it in with your visitors email, which works pretty well. Otherwise you can buy a ConnectApp like FBLeadWizard or ConnectReveal, which will give you a bit of a viral effect.

5.) Use facebook Ads to drive people to your site. The Ad copy doesn't need to be to complicated. Something like "Click Like if you love golf!" or "Are you a Vegan! Click Like if you are!" works fine. Do test different images though! Also, your image doesnt need to relate to your ad. The image is just to catch the person's eye. Sometimes using unique colours can help. Pictures of smiling people are also good. Just create a couple of Ads with different images, let it run, and delete the ones with higher CPC/CPM.

6.) And that's it! Watch your list build on autopilot! If you want, you can use hootsuite ($5 /month) or posterous (free but currently not working) to schedule posts to your facebook page. Keep posting videos and pictures, and you will get more people join your page because of the viral effect.

7.) To monetise, you can also post offers directly to the facebook page or links to your website, but I've found it more effective to do that through email. Not everyone will see what you post on the facebook Wall. Doesn't hurt to do both though.

One example page that I just set up the past couple of days is here: Vegan Facebook Page. Just put in the ConnectApp yesterday, and have 26 subscribers within 12 hours.

Going to keep trying things and improve on the monetisation of the list!


How have you built a list using facebook? Leave a comment below!

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