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My journey to finding the Warrior Forum, and the current state of affairs.
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I Made Over 2k in Just 24 Hours!

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Posted 10th November 2009 at 04:54 AM by Jill Carpenter

Is internet marketing time like dog years?

I just came across a WSO mentioning how someone made over 200k with only 10 hours of work.

It's a free offer. Still it will take time away from someone who wishes to read it.

I began to think about my own campaigns, and yes, I have made over 2k with only 24 hours of work, and even more with only 24 hours of time invested.

I've been following Donna this past week who took on a WSO to discover she could make over 1,000 with under 24 hours of work. She was able to bang out that 24 hours in less than a weeks time.

But is 24 hours really 24 hours?

Donna admitted that she had some prior knowledge before taking on the WSO. What happens when you don't have this knowledge? Is 24 hours really just a day? What triggers do 24 hours create? It seems that when people read these things, they immediately think that this means time to eat and sleep as well. They don't take into account extra time to learn things they don't know.

You don't always get that money within the 24 hour period either. Yes, I've done my 24 hours of work, but the 2k has dripped in over the course of a year.

Are we deceptive? Is this really right to be doing?

I want to make sales just the same as the next guy. Would I use this terminology? I sure want to. It sounds good. For many it will sound too good to be true, and for some it will be.

What is the true measure of time for IM?

I would like to create a special clock for this. It will allow for things like checking email, eating, sleeping, and 24 hours can be programmed in to someones personal schedule. If they work one hour a day on IM - work as in the time it takes them to implement, not learn - 24 hours will occur every 24 days. This would mean 15.21 days would take a year to happen. So, 2 years is now just a month of work.

Many have worked only a month and seen some success. It sure makes the numbers sound a whole lot better.
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  1. New Comment
    TheWealthSquad's Avatar
    I think this may be the entertaining time related blog post I have ever read.

    I am just wondering how old I am now that you have completely redefined the clock system. Hmm I think I am less than 2 which means I really shouldn't be up this late nor typing on a computer

    You could use a nice Chinese Rolexx to track your time.
    Posted 21st November 2009 at 12:26 AM by TheWealthSquad TheWealthSquad is offline
  2. New Comment
    lottoguru's Avatar
    Great blog post, definately made me wonder what my time is actually worth. Im such a day dreamer, I must be in negative equity right now.
    Posted 8th July 2010 at 12:26 PM by lottoguru lottoguru is offline

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