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How I Made My Income With Adsense

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Posted 23rd March 2011 at 02:38 PM by Jim Hudson

Hello all,

I wanted to add this for a long time now. I have done well with adsense and have shared a bit with you on my thread about it. I see there has been a lot of visitors from that to my blog and a lot of great comments on that thread.

There has been folks asking about the programs I use and how they work. I have a place that shows you exactly what I have used and a short description of each. There is room for you to add these to your arsenal as I have. They have proven for me to do well with.

Recently Google made some changes with their algo, it was coming and we knew it, but few were ready for it. My blogs have held traffic with a slight drop. I am glad to see it not drop off the map, I would say a %20 decrease in traffic according to stats.

My plan to stave off the Google changes have been these..

I did hire new writers to assist in content creation, they added a lot of new articles that were of targeted interest.

I added new software to the mix, web traffic genius has helped me get some rss out there in automatic fashion. I do not do well with rss, and this program helped me a lot.

I will be adding a redo to one of my old domains using flex themes. I bought it and there is a lot to learn, it has way more features than artisteer. I have done well with my artisteer templates, but this flex theme has a lot of power built in.

I hired a writer just for my main front content for this redo of an old site. You do well to make highly seo'd articles the main attraction for pleasing visitors and the search engines as well.

My sites will try and go mobile here shortly, I am testing wptouch plugin and will report back on what I see. There is a lot of settings, and I need to study those before I activate the new plugin.

There were a lot of major sites effected by this new algo change. We all saw Ezine articles go down the toilet and along with it a lot of income for thousands of folks. Article marketing is not dead, on the contrary, it has just taken a new direction and you must rise to meet the new standards.

There have been many other article sites that took a hit, that is why it is important to vary your backlinking methods to other platforms. Blogs did not seem to be effected in the same way. You can use a wp mu blog network to post your articles on.

It seems there is a good moral to this story, do not place all your eggs in one basket. I have tried to vary how my income rolls in, it has been a challenge over the past couple of years doing just that. I hope you were not hit by the algorithm change to badly.

Thanks for stopping by...


My Adsense Earnings Came From These Programs

The info I went to great lengths to add can still be found here..

The thread is now closed, but they left it up for reading and review. I am glad they did, it had a lot of work put in.
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