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Offeratti Warrior Blog - First Post - New FTC Crackdown on Work From Home Scams

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Posted 5th July 2009 at 11:19 PM by JimLillig

This is the first blog post for the new Offeratti Warrior Forum Blog. I am happy to be able to post up helpful insights, techniques and news about Performance Marketing, that some Warriors might find helpful. Please make sure you bookmark this or tag it in some way so you can get new posts, as this is where I will post up specials for Warrior Forum members. One of the benefits of being a Warrior (or at least it should be) is to get in on Insider deals. So please, if there is anything you would like us to post up on, let us know. We want to be Your Warrior CPA Network - Offeratti.


Jim Lillig and Team Offeratti (monks too!)

FTC Crackdown Targets Work At Home Scams
July 5 2009 - Palm Coast, FL - Several top industry names including Jeff Paul and Google Money Tree have come under investigation by the FTC for allegedly violating federal consumer fraud and telemarketing laws. The Offeratti Network's catalog of high converting work from home affiliate campaigns were not included in the investigation as the networks' strategy to only work with compliant advertisers pays off.

Wednesday, July 1st marked a new chapter in online marketing responsibility particularly for one of our core niche verticals, Work From Home Business Opportunities. If you are not aware of the recent action, please visit this article about the FTC's recent crackdown on Con Artists and online work at home scams.

Big advertisers in this niche of online performance marketing that the FTC specifically targeted included, Jeff Paul, John Beck, John Alexander, as well as the campaign Google Money Tree and several others. The FTC is
accusing these advertisers campaigns of violating federal laws related to telemarketing and consumer fraud.

The Offeratti Network takes on that responsibility from both ends of the spectrum. We select our advertisers based on a careful selection process that separates out the would be online work at home scams and fly by night companies with nor real track record of success. We specifically look at an advertiser's history with refunds and customer service related issues, as well as financial statements and other business practice criteria. The Offeratti Network conducts interviews with actual buyers of our advertisers products to ensure that they are providing value to those who use them. It is true, not everyone can please all the people all the time, Advertisers who make Customer Service a core mission tend to stay in business a lot longer.

The Offeratti Network is a CPA Network where publishers and other Cost Per Action networks can proudly promote FTC compliant advertiser campaigns, particularly in the work from home category. In other words, their campaigns won't make you feel like you need a shower after you put up your affiliate campaign links. On the flip side, Advertisers work with Offeratti because they know Offeratti heavily screens their publisher and network relationships in accordance with Offeratti's Zero
Tolerance for Fraud policy.

The FTC's action will go a long way as a wake up call to cleaning up of the home business opportunity affiliate space. Internet Marketing, particularly Performance Marketing (affiliate and CPA marketing), is a terrific way for advertisers and publishers to both make money while serving each others needs very tightly. But that opportunity comes with responsibility.
In our industry that comes in two flavors, responsibility of the Advertiser to provide a quality product or service to the consumer. And in turn, the responsibility that Publishers bear to promote campaigns in a non-deceptive, straightforward manner.

Marketing and Advertising must accept the responsibility to not mislead or deceive consumers, lest they want to dismantle the underpinnings of the very confines they work in. The Offeratti Network proudly supports the movement toward greater transparency and truth in online advertising.

Because if the Performance Marketing sector of the entire Internet Marketing pie, really wants growth, we as advertising networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers have to accept the mantle of responsible behavior. More dollars to the Performance Marketing crowd will not come if large Advertisers perceive this slice of the Internet Marketing pie to be fraught with the stigma of fraud and deception. They will simply pull their massive TV budgets and place them in display or search. But they won't be spending it on lead gen or direct sales campaigns in the Performance Marketing or Affiliate Marketing space.

A few related articles on the FTC Crackdown.
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If you want to promote
  • high quality
  • high converting
  • high payout
campaigns you can be proud to promote, then simply join Offeratti. We will provide you with the best customer service because we have been and still are super-affiliates and we know how we want to be treated.

Look for more tidbits of marketing mayhem from the Monks of the Offeratti.
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