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How Do I Get a Good Page Rank for my Website on Google?

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Posted 19th September 2010 at 12:02 AM by joeltmartin

One of the best ways to get your website on page one or two of Google is to develop quality backlinks. What’s a backlink? It’s a link to your website that you or someone else places on another website.

Backlinks are important because the little spider bots at Google like “quality” backlinks. You don’t put backlinks up in hopes that someone will click on it (though that could happen), you put them up so Google loves your website. The more quality backlinks you have, the better your page rank.

However, putting your website’s link on just any website will not work. There are two kinds of websites: dofollow and nofollow. The nofollow sites are just that: putting your link on a nofollow site will do nothing to increase your page ranking, as far as Google is concern. If your link is on a nofollow site, that site contains information that tells Google’s spider bots to ignore your link.

How do you know if a site is a nofollow or dofollow? One of the best and easiest ways to do this is through the Firefox browser, which has a tool that highlights which sites are nofollow and which are dofollow. After you have Firefox, download the Firefox SEO extension, and you’ll get an icon with SEO and the Firefox symbol. Click on your new icon and Firefox automatically marks nofollow sites in red.

Once you know which sites are dofollow, you can start linking. Here are some places where you can put your link:

•Blogs. Start commenting on blogs and leaving your link. The more links you have out there, the more likely Google’s spider bots will recognize your site. We’re talking hundreds of links, not just a few. If you are diligent about this, you’ll start to see results.

•Forums. Visits forums, register, leave comments, and leave your link. The more relevant the site is to your own site, the better. Though leaving your link on any site is beneficial, if you’re going to put in the effort, put your link on sites that are in the same category as your site.

•Link exchanges. The Internet has tons of link directories where you can leave you link. These are set up specifically to help people like you increase your SEO.

•Link to yourself. If you have more than one website, create cross links to all your sites. For this to work properly, you have to make certain each site has a different I.P. address.

If you keep linking, your little site could start beating out sites that are larger and have higher traffic volume that you do (at least for now!). The secret to good SEO is to keep working. If you stop working on SEO, you’ll notice your site starting to slip from front and center.
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