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The Importance of Article Submission and Blog Ownership for Online Business Owners

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Posted 19th September 2010 at 12:08 AM by joeltmartin

The way the world interacts has drastically changed since the internet boom as people are now able to communicate through email, video chats and get information virtually the minute they need it. This has also meant big changes for the way business owners conduct business – this is true for both the online business owner as well as the brick and mortar business owner. Blogging and article marketing are just two ways that business owners are using the internet to enhance their businesses.

How can blogging and article submission help your online business? Well, this is a two-part question that needs to be addressed with blogging first. Many people think blogs are only written by those ‘hobbyists’ out there who are overly-passionate about their interests.

However, the truth is that while many blogs are written for that purpose, many more are written for business purposes. When you have an online business, the key to making sales is to get your name out in cyberspace and in front of as many people as possible because you primarily do business online. Blogs can help you do just that.

When you set up your business blog, you need to do so with the purpose to provide your readers, or potential customers, with helpful information while using the blog to reach out and form a bond with your readers. When your readers feel like you are speaking directly to them, your odds of making a sale go up. Blogs help you do this because they allow your readers to communicate with you by commenting on your blog posts. Therefore, it is important that you answer them back if they are asking a specific question.

Now that you understand how blogs work to help online business owners, we need to look at the second part of the original question – how will article marketing help your online business succeed? Article submission or marketing is not used to help you form any kind of bond with your readers. Instead, it is used to help you direct traffic to your business’s website and/or blog.

Article submission works by writing several informative articles that relate to your business. For example, if you own an online jewelry business then you could write an article explaining how jewelry is made. The key is that when you are ready to submit your article to an article directory you should take advantage of the free links they allow you to put within your article.

You can insert a hyperlink into any word that will take your readers to your website or blog once they click on it. A lot of business owners put the links in the resource box at the end. The resource box is the place where you can write a few sentences about yourself, the author, and put a call for action that leads readers back to your website.

Hopefully, you can now see how blogging and article submission can be great ways to help your online business succeed. The key is that you are consistent in your efforts as it does take a little time before you will see

results – but it will work.
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